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YuJa is the “Internet of Things” Platform for the Connected Classroom

Our appliance + cloud powered solutions enable novel learning models for any learning enterprise

Place one small device into your classroom and unlock a world of learning possibilities

1 Connect your cloud-powered presentation appliance


Place a YuJa Capture+Broadcast appliance in your classroom to integrate peripherals and devices to create a real-time presentation stream for simultaneous course replay and live broadcast.

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3Watch, replay and engage from anywhere


With rich mobile applications, students can watch course replays, engage in group collaboration, share ideas, and immerse themselves in rich multimedia course content.

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2Live broadcasts and replays flow to learning cloud


Your YuJa Capture+Broadcast appliance streams and records video presentaions right to your social learning platform. Additional tools to host online lectures, office hours and tutorials.

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4Collaborate on an integrated social learning platform


Combining the engagement of social media with learning is our Social Learning platform equipped with multimedia conversations, chat rooms, video podcasting, and more.

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