Automatic Captioning

Make video accessible to everyone with integrated auto-captioning, transcription, and integration with external captioning services.

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Automatic Multilingual Captioning

Simplify Section 508 and WCAG 2.0 compliance with integrated auto-captioning and human transcription workflows.

Enable Full Search-Inside-Video

Optimize Learning for Visual Learners

Enhance Accessibility

All video uploaded to the Platform are automatically captioned and transcribed.

Improve Comprehension for Note Takers

Improve Comprehension

Viewers can search any topic spoken within the video.

Reduce Comprehension Issues for All Students

Generated Automatically

The auto-captioning process is automatic and available in minutes.

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Benefits of Auto-captioning


Provide viewers with the ability to search for keywords inside video.

Search inside captures


Improve knowledge retention and comprehension on an individualized basis.

Improve student


Assist hearing impaired and deaf users in reviewing video content.

Assist hearing impaired and deaf students


Enable all viewers to receive additional support when reviewing video presentations.

receive additional support when reviewing course lectures

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