Make classroom lectures accessible to every student with integrated auto-captioning and workflows to support external transcription and captioning services.

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Improve accessibility and access

Automatic multilingual speech recognition & auto-captioning makes lecture content accessible to all.

YuJa’s Enterprise Video Platform simplifies ADA Section 508 compliance with both auto-captioning and human transcription workflows integrated into the platform. With YuJa’s captioning tools, institutions can create a searchable, readable transcription of the video content using industry-leading cloud-based, multilingual speech recognition.

Our closed captioning technology creates an industry-standard closed captioning file automatically that is used by our LMS, web and mobile applications to provide a time-synchronized transcript of your lecture captures and course videos.

Make study time more efficient for students with fully searchable audio and slide text.

Optimize Learning for Visual Learners

Optimize Learning for Visual Learners

Visual learners can learn best by reading and seeing! Captioned lecture captures facilitate visual learning and provide search options.

Improve Comprehension for Note Takers

Improve Comprehension for Note Takers

Students struggling with note-taking during lecture time can focus on the learning rather than note-taking with post-lecture review opportunities.

Reduce Comprehension Issues for All Students

Reduce Comprehension Issues for All Students

Reduce comprehension challenges due to pronunciation, making it easier for students, including those who are deaf or hard-of-hearing.

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Benefits of an end-to-end platform with auto-caption creation and playback support.


Provide students with the ability to keyword search inside captures for specific concepts.

Search inside captures

Improve student retention and comprehension of class concepts on an individualized basis.

Improve student

Assist hearing impaired and deaf students in reviewing class lectures and instructional content.

Assist hearing impaired and deaf students

Enable all learners to receive additional support when reviewing course lectures and presentations.

receive additional support when reviewing course lectures

Automated closed-captioning helps empower deaf and hard-of-hearing learners.

YuJa’s closed-captioning technology is automatically inserted into lecture captures without the need for external approvals or intervention.

The closed-captioning process is fully automated. Captions appears as your videos upload to the YuJa Cloud.

YuJa support Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act requiring all classroom technology be accessible to students with disabilities.

Search the lecture recording to review concepts that didn’t “click” the first time.

Captioning makes lectures fully searchable with text keywords. Students can access lectures, search for the content they need to review, and re-watch those specific portions of the lecture. Searchable captions support learning for all students, reduces instructor time spent on repetitive questions, and ultimately maximizes the efficiency of the overall learning process.

Search the lecture recording