Automated Recording.

YuJa’s capture and live streaming solutions – both hardware appliance and software solution – include auto-start capabilities that enable remote scheduling and automated room capture.

Schedule Demo

Schedule room captures and live streams in advance.

Setup Recording Schedule

Control recordings using any web browser including scheduling, selecting sources and monitoring recording health.

Capture and Live Stream Starts

The room capture & live stream starts automatically at the scheduled time with hands-free operation.

Instructors Can Adjust Schedule

Need an extra 15 minutes after official class end time? Just click a button to extend the capture and live stream.

Seamless Publishing in Minutes

Once the capture & live stream is finished, the YuJa Cloud quickly makes it available within the LMS and on mobile devices.


Capture automation is integrated in both the hardware and software solutions.

Hardware Capture

Hardware-based capture uses the YuJa Hub to livestream, record, and upload your lectures to our secure YuJa Cloud.

More about our hardware-based capture.

Software Capture

Software-based capture uses an existing room computer – including the podium computer or the instructor’s own laptop.

More about our software-based capture.

To learn more about our Enterprise Video Platform’s Automated Recording tools, call us at 1-888-257-2278 or email an account manager

What are the benefits of automated recording?


Eliminate Human Error

Scheduled recordings eliminate the risk of human error. The YuJa software or appliance doesn’t forget to record your lectures!


No Tech Expertise

Instructors who may be uncomfortable with technology can use lecture capture without direct involvement – just walk in and present.


Simple for Instructors

Automated recording makes lecture capture easy for instructors. There’s no need to initiate for them to become involved with the mechanics.


Conforms to Policies

With automated recording, you increase instructor or individual compliance with company or institution-wide recording policies.

Monitor automated sessions right from any web browser


Setup repeated captures on any schedule.

Use automated recording for regularly scheduled classes. For example, set your scheduled recording for every Tuesday and Thursday at 10:00 A.M. and you’re guaranteed to get those important recordings streaming and uploaded within minutes of the end of class.

Setup automated recordings to capture every moment of important one-time conferences or events. During a busy one-time event, it can be easy for recording to be forgotten or delayed. With automated recording, it’s a one-time set-up and you’ll be sure to get the lecture captures that matter most!

How to choose between automated and on-demand recording.

Automated recording works best when:

Lecture or presentation times are known in advance.

Instructors are uncomfortable initiating recording.


On-demand recording works best for:

Occasional lecture captures on an as-needed basis.

Irregular lecture or impromptu presentation times.