Cloud Backups and Media Extracts.

Get the best of both worlds with cloud-based storage with the option to initiate on-demand and recurring offsite backups.

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We offer secure and reliable cloud storage.

The YuJa Cloud offers safe, secure and reliable storage for your content. There are a variety of situations where instructors and administrators would like to have local backups of media content available. YuJa makes it simple to extract and back up your media content from the YuJa Cloud to a local storage option.


Offsite backups for additional redundancy.

For IT Staff, backups of large volumes of content to a Storage Area Network (SAN) or Secure FTP can be setup for regular snapshot creation. The IT Manager will bulk extract content from YuJa’s cloud in industry-standard MP4 files.

To learn more about our Enterprise Video Platform’s Backup and Extracts tools, call us at 1-888-257-2278

Download all your institution’s media or just a few videos.

On-Demand Extracts to
Local Drives and Networks

With unmatched media durability and performance, YuJa’s cloud storage is significantly more reliable than most self-managed hosting solutions. While you may opt to extract and back up as a matter of policy or personal preference, it is not necessary.

Downloading Individual
Media Files and Captures

Downloading individual captures is simple for instructors who would like a local backup of their media. While local backups are not necessary, YuJa does provide the option to download media for instructors who would like a local copy.