cf304cd7-e1ee-4e83-abf7-170a65d76977 Academic and professional conferences offer opportunities for continuing education, networking and professional development. Conference capture provides you with the ability to share conference proceedings with staff, students or employees unable to attend, to provide video capture in case of overflow, and to enable the use of conference proceedings in publicity, educational and training materials long after the conference is over. YuJa’s tools, including the YuJa Hub, YuJa Software Station and YuJa Web Capture work in both small and large spaces, facilitating a variety of different conference capture scenarios, from capturing a small discussion to a large-scale presentation. Both the YuJa Software Station and YuJa Hub support automated scheduling and remote start options to make conference capture simple for organizers and presenters. Completed conference captures are accessible to students, employees, instructors and administrators, but can also be added to the Institution Channel in your Media Channel to make them publicly accessible for anyone visiting your institution’s web presence. This is an ideal way to share corporate conferences, educational proceedings and much more. Regardless of whether you choose the YuJa Hub, the YuJa Software Station or the YuJa Web Capture, your conference capture livestreams to watch in real time and is uploaded to the YuJa Cloud for future viewing and review. Auto-captioning and external captioning are available to increase conference capture accessibility for those with hearing impairment, or who speak English as a second language. device-alt For Large Spaces Effective solutions for large scale conference capture can be challenging. You may need access to multiple cameras and microphones, as well as presentation media, to adequately capture the room and conference presentation–especially if you’re in a convention center or similar space or have a panel of multiple presenters. The YuJa Hub and YuJa Software Station can work in tandem to provide maximum options for presentation media. With these two working together, you can capture a SmartBoard, document camera or other media, as well as multiple microphones and cameras.  This can enable you to capture not only a speaker, but also questions from the audience. If you need fewer presentation options, you can easily capture a presenter in a large room using the YuJa Software Station. capture1new For Small Spaces Smaller conference rooms require scalable capture solutions. In a smaller space, a single camera and microphone may be adequate for a single speaker, but you still need to accommodate presentation media, like PowerPoint, to accurately capture the conference. In addition, you may want to capture a discussion, with multiple people contributing. YuJa supports multiple peripherals, allowing for more than one audio stream. The YuJa Software Station can be installed on any PC and can be configured in minutes to work with your web cam and microphone, as well as any desired peripherals, like a document camera. For institutions, installation on podium computers offers an ideal conference capture solution. webccapture1 Impromptu Conference Recording YuJa Web Capture offers a practical solution for impromptu recordings in any space.  Depending on the conference, you might opt to capture brainstorming sessions or even small group conversations. Since conferences offer the opportunity for face-to-face networking, you  may want to capture those moments to share. YuJa Web Capture enables desktop screensharing and offers access to a full-featured whiteboard. Initiate YuJa Web Capture on any PC with ease, and, in its most basic form, without a download.