Affordable, Market-Leading Alternative to Techsmith Relay

The YuJa Enterprise Video Platform offers a full-featured solution for media capture, organization and management, and both public and user accessibility to meet the needs of organizations of all sizes.

Comprehensive Capture Tools

Media capture tools, including Software Capture and Hardware Capture, provide comprehensive media capture experiences, using on-demand or scheduled recording technology. Mobile capture puts these tools in your pocket to create recordings from any location.

Media capture options:

  • Facilitate quality recording in both small and large spaces, from conference rooms to classrooms.
  • Fully integrate with a variety of tools, including web cameras, microphones, and presentation technology.
  • Offer user-friendly technology, including automated scheduling.

Management and Organization

The Media Library provides storage and organization for all organizational media content, including video, audio, documents, and linked external content. Media may be ingested directly using the available capture tools, but can also be uploaded in a variety of different formats.

Content is securely stored in individual User Collections and can be published to various individual channels to allow controlled or public access.

Sharing Media Content

Media content uploaded to the Media Library may be shared in individual group channels, an internal library available to logged-in users, and through the EnterpriseTube, a publicly accessible channel. Publishing is available to administrators and content owners, and can be made accessible to group members.

User activity and media use can be reviewed through the use of Usage & Analytics by administrators and content owners.

An Alternative to TechSmith’s Relay

With solutions for capture, media management, content accessibility, and analytics, the YuJa Enterprise Video Platform offers a reliable and affordable alternative. The Platform is a market leader, providing a high-quality solution at an affordable price point for organizations of all types. Read more about adopting the YuJa Enterprise Video Platform as an alternative to Relay. 

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