Video is becoming increasingly important as an informational and marketing tool, often relying upon social media networks. Cisco predicts that video will make up 75 percent of internet usage in 2020. Having the necessary tools to create, store, and promote video both within a company or institution and publicly is essential in the modern world. 

Creating an efficient social video strategy takes more than just videos–your users need to be able to find those videos, access those videos from a variety of devices, and video creators need to be able to share video content effectively and easily. Social video tools help make the most of your videos for both internal and external use. 

Tagging and Word Clouds

Keywords, tagging, and word clouds generated from auto-captioning content make video content easy to find and access. If users can’t find the video content they need, they’re less likely to make use of even the best internal or public video content.

Tagging does more than just support user searchability–for publicly accessible content, tagging videos and images also makes them search engine-friendly. YuJa automates the tagging process using auto-captioning technology. 

Syncing Video

For most users, the ability to automate uploading, posting or syncing processes can support a strong social video presence. 

YuJa offers several different options to meet the social video needs of content creators. First, bulk uploading is available to make external content available on the YuJa Cloud. An automated alternative to manual uploading is also accessible through the YuJa Software Station.

Auto-sync options make it simple to take video from a publicly accessible site, like a corporation or institution’s public YuJa site and publish that content directly to YouTube or make it available through a RSS reader. 

Annotating Videos

Annotating videos by adding additional information, calls to action, or links into the video is an effective way to engage the audience, and encourage them to watch other content, or to come back in the future for more video content. 

YuJa’s Video Editor offers the tools needed to annotate your video content, or to add slides and images at the beginning or end of your content. 

Diversifying Video Content

In order for video to be a successful social tool, either internally or publicly, you need to curate a video collection that includes:

  • Essential or basic video content appropriate for your audience.
  • Ongoing additional content to attract consistent repeat users.
  • Big-ticket content highlighting special events or activities.

Sharing Content

In order for video content to be an effective tool, you need to be able to share it effectively and widely. This means that your content should be not only accessible, but easy to share using a direct link or embed code. With a direct link, you can share video content to your Facebook, Twitter feed or other social media.