watermarkbrandYuJa’s integrated Video Editor enables institutions to watermark or brand video content with a school logo or transparent watermark. This is a helpful way to indicate the origins and ownership of publicly shared video content, or to help faculty feel comfortable sharing their own video content online.

Benefits of Branding

Branding your video content connects  your videos to your institution, creating a clear relationship between the two.
  • Your public content may be intended to engage and educate, but it is also an effective marketing tool. Maximize the likelihood of reaching potential students by making sure that your video content includes your name or logo.
  • Protect your copyrights and prevent piracy by branding your course video content.
  • Simplify the process of making content public. With YuJa’s integrated branding, instructors or administrators can brand lecture captures without extensive external editing.


Choosing your Branding Style

YuJa will allow you to upload your branding image into the YuJa Video Editor as a .JPG file or a .PNG file. You can position the image as desired. The image you upload should be the desired finished size.
  • Brand your videos with a horizontal bar-style logo at the top or bottom. Size your image to match your screen resolution.
  • Opt for a corner logo to brand your content. Choose a small image for this to reduce loss of video content.
  • Use a transparent watermark in place of a solid logo. Size watermarks as desired. These can be full-screen size or smaller.