Essay Question: Please tell us your
favorite childhood book and why.

The Book Thief

by Robyn

One of the most memorable books I read as a child was Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. This book not only is my favorite childhood book but is my favorite book of the series. My older sister was obsessed with Harry Potter and had all of the books but I wasn’t allowed to touch them. One day I decided to steal one off her shelf and I didn’t realize that I took the third one instead of the first. It took me a while to finish but I loved it. I felt so cool at school with the book being thicker than most kids in my class read. Even though the book isn’t the longest one of the series it was very large looking to me at the time.

This is my favorite childhood book because it was my introduction to the world of Harry Potter and made me realize that the books weren’t as hard to read as I had expected. It was the first book of that length that I had ever read. It made me realize how fun reading could be and how immersed in a world you could be. This book taught me about trust and friendship. Also it showed how minor events can change the outcome of a bigger event. It is also my favorite because I think mysteries and plot twists are so fun and always the most memorable part of a story. Even rereading it I still get so excited in the scene when Harry discovers who Sirius Black really is. I know this is my favorite book as a child because it is still one of my favorite books even now years later.

Without this book I wouldn’t have had the courage to be able to read the whole series and be apart of the amazing world that J.K Rowling created. This started my obsession with Harry Potter and proved to my mom and my older sister that I could read the books and after I was allowed to read the rest of the series. This book changed my childhood for the better and made me apart of something so much bigger than I could have expected when I stole it off of my sisters shelf. It was one of the best decisions I could have made.

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Books Are a Safe Place for Some

by Morgan Jarvis

When I was a little girl I noticed books can help a lot. My life is crazy and always had been when my parents spilt as I ended third grade.I was acting out and never knew what to do, that’s when I turned  to reading.Which brings us to not my favorite book,but my favorite  book sires.Which was The Babysitters Club.I still to this day have most of them on my shelves  but I’m slowly passing them on to another young reader and writer.i love them because they just make me go back to childhood when everything wasn’t so crazy.  I have been able to read since I was 5 and I have been writing since I was 6.I want to change the world with how I write.As well as give other children  the safety  of reading like I had.To get them trough whatever life throws at them.

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Through the Wardrobe

by Samantha Jones

As an English major, I have been exposed to an incredible assortment of literature. I have read pieces that have shaken me to the core, transformed the way I think, taught me empathy, and I am so grateful for these things. But for everything I have learned from my classes, I have learned just as much, if not more, from the fairytales that made up my childhood. My favorite storybook when I was young was “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe,” by C.S. Lewis and it remains to this day one of my favorite stories.

                The book was an escape into a world that was much more exciting and meaningful to me than that of my life. The book showed me that someone as seemingly insignificant as a child could be a hero, and have adventures and I could go on those adventures when I read the books. Every step a character took, I was walking right beside them.

                The lessons I learned from my trips Narnia are innumerable and every time I read it, I gain new insights. I learned from Lucy to believe in magic, that you should be kind to strangers, and loyal to your friends. Edmund taught me that it’s okay to make mistakes, and be afraid. Then, he taught me to learn from my mistakes and grow. Peter showed me that leadership is not just telling people what to do or where to go, it is listening and understanding, so that you can be a guide to those around you. Susan reminded that while it is okay to be a little skeptical, I should never let that get in the way of what is important.

                I learned many things but more than that, I realized that the intricate fabric of Narnia was woven with many of the same threads that make up real life. There is good and evil, there is temptation and there is redemption. When I first stepped through the wardrobe, I began to form a new understanding about how life works. As I get older, I am becoming more aware that while I cannot prevent the evil and the temptation in my life, I can make choices about how I respond to it. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” is important to me because it has become part of the foundation on which I have built myself up. The heroes of this story have served to shape me as person and I hope that when I act and speak and think, I do so in a manner that would be worthy of a queen or king of Narnia.

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Into The Wild

by Karlee Greer

From the very first time I was assigned 30 minutes of reading as homework in elementary school, I decided I hated reading. I would say anything to get out of reading. It’s not that I was a bad reader – I simply felt that there were better uses for my time. Naturally, I also hated trips to the library. One week, in fourth grade, I could find no way out of our weekly library trip. I distinctly remember walking disinterestedly up and down the shelves, until I saw a book titled Warriors: Into the Wild. I picked it up. It was a book about wild cats. I grabbed it, fully intending never to look at it again until the next week when it was time to turn it back in. However, one way or another, I ended up reading it. I was pulled in to the story. I found myself thinking about the plot and characters all the time. Once I’d finished the book, I discovered that it was simply the first book in a 24-book series. Naturally, I read them all.

Reading this series awakened an animal. I began to read more and more, quickly climbing to the best at spelling and reading in my class. It was incredible – finding out I was the best at something I was so sure I’d hated. It inspired me to try new things. I ran for student council, began getting involved with sports, even tried to write my own book – purely because I’d been inspired to try. As I reflect on my high school successes as an AP student who graduated with three academic letters, I can’t help but attribute my prosperity to that day in elementary school.

Reading truly opens doors. For me, falling in love with reading helped me fall in love with education. Once I realized I was good at reading, I wanted to challenge myself more. I always found myself in the highest reading group, and later in Honors and AP courses in high school, and later still as a member of the Honors program at Utah State. At Utah State, I am striving continuously to become a learner, all thanks to that day I found my way “into the wild” world of education.

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