The Golden Bridge Between Business and Engineering

by Demetrius Daniels

Business and Engineering go hand-and-hand when it comes to pushing the boundaries of innovation in a successful way. Throughout history these two majors have individually been essential for any industry that has moved our society forward. It has been proven time and time again around the world whether it was an industry focused on cars, communication, or even oil. For us to continue to move in the right direction towards making peoples’ lives better we need more ambitious students majoring in business and engineering.
Without business too many discoveries would be sitting on the shelf collecting dust. The best inventions in the world only became the best because someone knew how to turn it into a marketable, profitable, and sustaining business. When enough of those are created we have an industry that fuels economic activity. Business majors bring a sense of organization and beliefs on pushing passed the limit. That’s why most of the founders of companies aren’t the engineers. They focus on getting the best engineers together to create something the world has never utilized before.
Innovation is the key and so is engineering. Most companies have embraced the title of engineer even when it doesn’t come from a specified engineering program that students can major in such as: service engineer, marketing engineer, and sales engineer. That’s because they know that the true meaning is the action of working artfully to bring something about. And they want that something to change the world. With an open mind and great leadership engineering graduates can become the great inventors of a new age. Which can become the main reason for making or breaking an industry.
These are reasons why I believe business and engineering are very important. That’s also why I focused on business for my associates and now I’m moving on to engineering for my undergrad. I plan to make it my life’s mission to have an impact on the industry I am pursuing. Hopefully with enough progress and support that will indirectly make a positive change on the world.

Demetrius Daniels



by Ralph Dayacap

Growing up, I had a single mother who gave her all to provide me with the best that life could offer. However, I also learned that money was a big issue. My mom used to have two jobs, but could not do it since she never had enough time to spend with me.When school came around, she would ask for help just to give me the education I needed. My mother emphasized that a proper education is the key to being successful in the future, so she applied to many part time jobs and even gave a helping hand at the grade school I went to just to help with tuition costs. Having witnessed it first hand as a kid, I did not know what to do, so I would comfort my mom by telling her that one day, I would give her the house that she wanted, the luxury purse that she could not buy, and most importantly, her dream to travel the world. Even though it was not much, it gave her the strength and hope, especially since we only had each other. My mom and I made sure that financial problems would not bring us down, so my way of giving back to her is to work hard in school and give it my all. Later on, we received a huge blessing when my mom fell in love with someone I now call “Dad.” He brought us here in the United States shortly after. This was a huge chapter in my life since I felt like we were starting brand new. With all of the difficulties we had experienced, I made sure to make the most out of what God brought my way. Overcoming several challenges has built me to the person I am today. As my life continues I try to cherish every moment and try not to take things for granted, especially the way I perceive life and my goals. The experience of financial hardship made me more motivated to work harder, and not just to fulfill my dream to be successful but the dream of my wonderful mother.

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Technology Is Everywhere

by Dawson Droege

Should the rise of technology coupled with the readiness of internet availability result in a shift toward working from home becoming the new norm?
Technology is everywhere as it exists from telephones, computers, cars, and even washing machines and makes people ‘s lives easier. One can just speak out loud at home and get most of what one needs done or looked up on the internet without moving and within seconds. Everywhere one goes is connected to either advances in technology or the availability of accessing the internet. The internet is available even in most restaurants. With advancements in technology, fast food places and supermarkets are replacing actual human employees with just computers that one can use themselves to order food or to check out their supplies. This is making lives easier. Technology and the internet are making the world so anything that needs to be completed can be done while laying in one’s bed in one’s pajamas’s. The readiness of the technology is leaning toward making the world work at home. People should have a reason to get up and get dressed in the mornings. If one stays at home, one could not work on work related issues and put them off until later. Working from home might make it easier to complete daily home related tasks faster, but one would get tired of being at home constantly. Also, if there are young children in the family, one would have to get a nanny to be at home with the children, which could still be a distraction from work. The alternative would be to take the children somewhere. Then, one would still be leaving the home just to return for work. One my also believe, “I can do that later,” which in turn means staying up later or stressing because now one has a time limit. The stress and lack of sleep would eventually cause health issues. If one works at home, one could always feel that work comes first, which could effect the family. Just because of the use of information technology and the readiness of the internet, one should not want working from home to become the norm. One needs a break from work and from home life.

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Technology, Sustainability, and the Future of Work

by Darian Williams

An increase in remote work positions can be attributed to the increase in information technology and human readiness to embrace the internet. However, it can’t truly be said that working from home is a norm at this point. The debate about whether or not working from home should replace working on location is ongoing, and I would argue that it should become normalized. One of the main reasons is because of sustainability purposes.
In the 2010s, sustainability has come to the forefront of public discourse. Our work conditions are not exempt from this discourse, and remote working has many sustainability benefits. Sustainability simply means investing in a long-term future, and it has three components: Environmental, Economic, and Social. Remote positions can provide benefits for all three of these. For example, environmental sustainability could be improved due to fewer emissions from decreased commutes. Fewer commutes would, in turn, require less economic resources to be put towards car maintenance. This would be because of greater localization. We would be spending more time in our immediate areas rather than driving to surrounding areas, requiring less money for things such as gasoline and vehicle upkeep.
Perhaps most importantly, decreased commutes would have a significant impact on social sustainability. This is because the stress that is associated with commutes would be reduced. Additionally, remote working would provide an opportunity to plan one’s own schedule, making it more viable to balance priorities. Rather than working for a set block of time (leaving very little time for anything else in a day) workers could instead schedule their work in sections throughout the day, with other important tasks being laced in as well. This could increase overall life satisfaction due to a greater number of lifestyle components being fulfilled.
While this may seem disconnected from information technology and internet availability, these are actually both related to sustainability. The combination of information technology and internet availability has already increased awareness of sustainability and continues to do so. It has also increased our knowledge of how and why we can and should make a difference as individuals. Such progress couldn’t be made without IT and, subsequently, internet access and popularity. In addition, these two facets have made it possible for a greater number of people to work remotely. They simplify the process of working from home, and the sustainability benefits mean that normalizing working from home shouldn’t be ignored.

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