stock-photo-student-learning YuJa offers an ideal lecture capture and “Smart Classroom” solution for large universities, small private colleges, community colleges and technical schools. YuJa’s lecture capture solution is:
  • Comprehensive.
  • Affordable.
  • Forward-Thinking.
  • Scalable.
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Comprehensive Lecture Capture

Lecture capture is one aspect of YuJa’s total “Connected Classroom” solution, integrating lecture capture tools, real-time discussions, video quizzes and polls, and much more. These tools enable instructors to provide online tools for the traditional classroom, create blended or hybrid learning environments, flip their traditional classrooms or run an online-only course. Your lecture captures are:
  • Livestreamed to watch in real-time. Livestream viewers may contribute questions and participate in discussions.
  • Saved and uploaded to the YuJa cloud for future review.
  • Auto-captioned for searchability and accessibility.
  • Easily searchable and accessible for study and review.
YuJa creates a “Connected Classroom”, bringing together lecture capture, conversation, quizzes, and even the ability for students to collaborate and connect with one another. Screenshot-of-the-Software

A Scalable Solution

YuJa offers three distinct and different options as part of your lecture capture solution. These work separately or together to allow you to capture lectures in large halls, small classrooms, or even from the instructor’s office or remote sites. The YuJa Hub is an appliance-based lecture capture solution. Designed to make lecture capture an easy and hands-off process, the Hub installs in the classroom, integrating with all existing classroom technology. YuJa’s Software Station operates through the podium computer or the instructor’s own laptop computer. This lecture capture option works equally well in a small or large space, and can be used along with the YuJa Hub to increase media options. Finally, YuJa’s Web Capture works on mobile devices or any web-enabled computer, using a webcam attached to your computer or even the camera on your phone or tablet.

An Affordable Option

Budget matters! In many cases, institutions have already invested in classroom technology, as well as online learning management systems. YuJa integrates with your classroom technology, including:
  • SmartBoards.
  • Document cameras.
  • Web or video cameras.
  • Microphones or audio equipment.
  • Presentation media.
In addition, YuJa is easy-to-install in all LTI-compliant learning management systems, like BlackBoard. Your IT staff can easily bring YuJa online and make it simple for instructors to use in their courses with limited additional help.

Moving Forward

YuJa offers institutions a lecture capture system that can grow and adapt to a changing educational landscape. Today, YuJa enables you to stream and capture lectures, create an active, social learning environment and bring mobile devices into the classroom. Our engineers are constantly innovating to keep your lecture capture tools up-to-date, allowing the investment you make today to last into the future.