How to Create and Share Online Presentations

Whether you’re working in a classroom or a corporate setting, you likely rely upon presentation software to share information with classes, colleagues, or potential clients or customers. In our highly mobile society, working online provides a number of advantages.

  • You can easily access your presentation from any computer, rather than just your own.
  • Online presentations can reduce the risk of technical presentation difficulties.

In addition to being easily accessible, online presentations are also a convenient and practical way to share content. While you can share online presentations in person, you may also need to share those presentations through video.

Creating Online Presentations

While there are several tools for online presentations, many in the educational and corporate sector will rely upon Google Slides as an online presentation tool. Google Slides fully integrates with other aspects of Google’s productivity suite, and works in much the same way as the more familiar Microsoft PowerPoint program.
As with other types of presentation software, Google Slides allows individuals to create full slide decks for presentations of all types, and provides the ability to integrate charts, diagrams, images, and transitional effects. If you are unfamiliar with Google Slides, you can find a number of tutorials online to help you master the online presentation tools.
If you prefer to use Microsoft PowerPoint, you can also opt to handle a PowerPoint presentation as an online presentation. Microsoft Office Online incorporates PowerPoint in an abbreviated online form; PowerPoint presentations can also be uploaded and opened in Google Slides.

Sharing Online Presentations

To share an online presentation with a larger audience, you may wish to broadcast your online presentation. Screen sharing technology offers an ideal way to share your online presentation with a public or limited audience. Online presentations can be live-streamed, allowing for synchronous viewing and can be recorded for later viewing.
With the Platform’s Software Capture tool, you can easily record and broadcast your online presentation from any computer, including your own laptop, a conference room computer, or a podium computer. The Software Capture application is available for both Windows and iOS. Your presentation can record directly from the laptop as it’s been presented on a screen for those viewing it in attendance.
Depending upon your preferences and needs, your recorded online presentation can be provided publicly, via the EnterpriseTube or shared with all or a limited group of registered Platform users.

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