While YuJa makes it simple to capture and create your own lecture captures and educational videos, you can also easily integrate and ingest media from a wide variety of other online and offline sources. Online educational media can:

  • Offer students access to experts in the field.
  • Provide different perspectives.
  • Share varied opinions and insights with students.
  • Increase access to background or enrichment information.

Sourcing and Curating Online Educational Media

The benefits of high-quality online educational media are significant for students, and can provide a time-saving option for instructors to enrich and improve student learning. For instructors, learning strategies to source accurate, informative and appropriate educational media can enable the best possible use of instructor resources and maximize the benefits of online educational media.

  1. Search for online media produced by subject-specific experts. Reviewing content available from noted experts in the field can enable instructors to share new learning experiences with their students.
  2. Choose content from reputable and recognized sources. Depending upon the depth of content required, documentaries from well-known news sources, like the BBC or PBS, content produced by universities, like MIT or Yale, and content from educational sources, like Khan Academy can provide access to information and learning for students.
  3. Review unknown or unfamiliar content. While you may be able to comfortably rely upon a video produced by Khan Academy or Yale, you should take the time to review less familiar video sources. You may find and develop your own array of trusted video sources. Taking the time to review unknown sources provides instructors with the assurance of both accuracy and objectivity, where appropriate.
  4. Encourage students to share good quality video sources. They may do their own research and discover helpful and accessible sources.

Accessing Online Educational Media

Sourcing educational media is essential; however, you also need to make that educational media accessible for your students.  Video content added to YuJa’s video content management system is accessible through YuJa, or can be easily accessed by the content owner through the LMS.

  • Essential organizational features in YuJa are also available for external media, including metatags and descriptions can help faculty and students to find and utilize online educational media.
  • Video files can be posted to the real-time discussion forums by either students or instructors, making it simple to share quality content.
  • YuJa makes it simple to add educational media to your Media Channel. Upload downloaded video content or simply link YouTube or Vimeo content in a single step.