To benefit users, video content must be accessible, organized, and should play smoothly and well in a variety of different viewing situations. A customizable video player is an ideal solution for viewers, particularly with multi-stream recordings.

The HTML5 Video Player 

HTML5 video players offer a number of advantages. They are flexible, adaptable and effective for today’s students, employees and customers.

  • HTML5 players work well with both traditional computers and mobile devices, including tablets and smartphones.
  • Media players using HTML5 technology are compatible with all modern browsers.
  • There’s no need to install an additional application or plug-in to play HTML5 content.
  • HTML5 players comfortably support high-resolution, multi-stream viewing.

Customizing YuJa’s HTML5 Media Player

The YuJa HTML5 Media Player is quite customizable, both from the administrative side, and the user side.

Branding provides institutions with the ability to continue their brand, in both publicly accessible and campus-accessible video content. Branding in the HTML5 player includes a logo, the option to watermark video content in the Video Editor, and color selection.

Administrators can customize colors for the buttons on the Media Player and the Table of Contents and Notes sidebar. Select colors to match your institution’s colors or logo. Color customization is available through Institution Management.

User Customization

Users also have a number of customization options available directly through the HTML5 Media Player. These can make it more comfortable to watch video content on a small screen, or can reduce screen distractions for users.

Users can choose to open or close the sidebar, to turn thumbnails on and off, and to turn closed captioning on and off. These options enable users to adjust the Player to meet their needs.

With HTML5 technology, video steps outside of the small box on the screen, surrounded by other content and offers the easy ability to watch multiple streams of video in high resolution, in a large view, or even fullscreen. Multi-stream viewing provides users with an experience as close as possible to being in the room; they can see and hear everything included in the video at once, with customizable windows and views. With the YuJa Media Player:

  • Users may choose to resize different media streams to prioritize one stream, while viewing the other streams in real-time on a smaller scale.
  • Viewers can watch the video streams at similar sizes, without significantly prioritizing one stream.
  • Users can also watch the primary or largest media screen in a full size view, without viewing other streams.