YuJa’s video podcast tool is a practical choice for a variety of different situations. It allows you to easily produce review videos for students, film lectures at home or from your office, or provide some more in-depth insights into the course material. The video podcast tool is not designed for lecture capture in the classroom, and is typically used from an office, either at home or work.

Learning how to film from your office can be a bit tricky, especially since you want clear, high-quality recordings. Background, light and sound all matter!


You’ll need a webcam and a microphone. While a newer laptop webcam is adequate, you can also purchase a separate USB webcam. Either a headset microphone or desktop microphone is essential for sound quality. Position your webcam at eye level and set it to the highest recording quality available, in most cases.


If you are filming in a clean, well-organized office, there’s typically no need for additional modifications. If, on the other hand, your office is untidy, or you’re filming from home, simple modifications can clean up your background. You may be able to rearrange things to face a clean, solid-colored wall or create a cloth backdrop. One easy alternative is to purchase a backdrop designed for this use. These typically attach to desk chairs, creating a clean, solid-color appearance. They fold flat for easy storage.


Lots of light will produce a better recording. You should not, however, have a window directly behind your face. Move household lamps or lights to form a triangle around your filming area for the best results. You should have light behind the computer, then to either side of you, but outside of the visible area.


Take a few moments to listen to your home or office. Are there any noises you can eliminate? Often, noises you are used to and do not notice can create a distracting background hum on video. Turn off unnecessary fans and other sources of “white noise” in the background.