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Recording your lectures with YuJa is easy. Let’s take a look at how to record a lecture using YuJa.

YuJa offers affordable and practical lecture capture solutions, both for university-initiated lecture capture and instructor-initiated lecture capture. There are three different lecture capture options suitable for the classroom, office or boardroom.

  1. Appliance capture — YuJa appliance integrates into all presentation media and provides you with an easy lecture capture solution.
  2. Software capture –the YuJa software interface allows lecture capture through any laptop or podium computer.
  3. Web capture –the YuJa web capture interface uses the web-based YuJa interface to capture your lecture or podcast recording.

Once installed, all of these options work at the push of a button. There’s no need for IT staff or personnel to make lecture capture happen on a day-to-day basis. Automated scheduling can even make lecture captures a hands-off procedure for presenters or instructors.

The YuJa Appliance

The YuJa Appliance is a hardware device designed for fully integrated classroom lecture capture. The appliance fully connects with all presentation media in the classroom or presentation space, including your SmartBoard, microphones, and cameras.

  • Capture every element of your lecture using the YuJa Appliance.
  • The YuJa Appliance can integrate multiple cameras, making it ideal for larger classroom spaces.

The YuJa Appliance is ideal for regular lecture recordings. Every classroom lecture can be captured, streamed and uploaded to the cloud automatically, or lecture capture can be initiated by the instructor. The Appliance simplifies the lecture capture process and makes it available to every lecturer or instructor in the classroom.

The YuJa Software Capture

The YuJa software lecture capture interface is a practical and flexible way to capture lectures using a laptop computer or podium computer in the classroom or presentation space. With software-based capture, lecture capture can move into any presentation space or classroom with ease. To use the YuJa software interface, you’ll need a web cam and microphone.

  • The YuJa software interface requires no additional equipment, limiting costs.
  • Software-based capture can be scheduled to record automatically or initiated on-demand.
  • The YuJa software interface integrates classroom technology, like the SmartBoard.

Software-based lecture capture is versatile, easy to use, and adaptable for varied situations. Instructors or departments can easily integrate capture technology into their classes, and businesses can use it to share meetings, continuing education and more.

YuJa Web Capture

Web capture allows you to capture lectures or create video podcasts using a desktop, laptop or mobile device. Unlike the YuJa Appliance or software-based lecture capture, web capture is browser-based. You can create your video recording using any computer browser. Web capture is available to all YuJa users, so is also ideal for student or employee presentation.  Others can join in your web capture recording and even participate.

  • Web captures are not designed to work with classroom equipment, but allow you to share files and work on a fully incorporated whiteboard, document pane and screenshare.
  • Web capture works well away from the classroom, including office, home or your favorite coffee shop.

Both the YuJa appliance and the YuJa software interface offer dual-capture technology. Your lecture live streams for students to watch in real-time, and is auto-captioned and uploaded to the YuJa cloud. You’ll find your completed, captioned lecture captures in your learning channel for students to staff to watch, review, and even search for specific content.