Engaged employees are effective employees. Companies that maintain employee engagement will increase satisfaction, productivity, and retention. In many workplaces, email and print may be overlooked in crowded inboxes, and receive relatively little attention. Video offers an ideal tool to increase employee engagement, and can be especially useful for corporate-wide initiatives, like rebranding or shifts in management style or goals. The same strategies can engage potential customers or investors.

Creating Impactful Video Content

To effectively engage employees or potential clients, video content should be clear, short, and to-the-point. Users may have limited time available, and videos should hold their attention from beginning to end.

  • Keep videos short and on-topic. If a topic is too broad for a short, accessible video, break it into smaller, more manageable chunks.
  • Focus each video on a single topic. Use titles and descriptions to make topics clear to users.
  • Make videos visually interesting. Consider including footage shot on-site, appealing photos, and using presentation software to summarize key point.
  • Share relevant clips from external sources to encourage employee interest.

Developing a Video Channel

Video channels offer substantial flexibility for enterprise applications. Externally available public channels enable companies to share video content with the general public, including customers. Internal channels can be designed to meet the needs of all employees on a global or regional scale, but can also be directed specifically to a particular office, department, or location.

Flexible video content management solutions provide the ability to customize video channels for different and distinct audiences. Users are familiar with and comfortable with online video technology. Watching a video channel is an easy and practical way for users to acquire needed information on an ongoing basis.

The Benefits of Video

For companies of all sizes, video is an effective way to share information with a large number of employees with relative ease. Implementing video programming can reduce the needed investment in employee training, as well as the time involved in providing information to employees. Video is an ideal way to share information with a large audience in a relatively short time.