For institutions of higher education, the learning management system or LMS is essential to support the students’ educational experiences. As video has become ever more critical, for online, hybrid, and traditional courses, many organizations have struggled with the need to implement effective video content management systems and applications to support lecture capture. These management tools, the LMS and the video content management system, must work together to make course content accessible.

The Moodle Learning Management System

Moodle is an open-source course management system used by many different organizations and institutions. Moodle has a large number of educational partners, including the YuJa Enterprise Video Platform.

Moodle Integration with the Platform

Lecture capture is integrated into the Moodle LMS. With the YuJa Enterprise Video Platform, you can integrate the YuJa Enterprise Video Platform into all classes, or just into some courses on a course-by-course basis within Moodle.

LTI Integration

The YuJa Enterprise Video Platform relies upon LTI integration to link the Platform to Moodle. These integration settings can be managed using the Admin Panel by IT Managers. LTI integration enables the LMS to populate YuJa courses and to provide users with course access in a one-step process, with a single username and password.

The Media Chooser

In addition to LTI integration, YuJa also supports a Media Chooser extension available directly through the LMS.  With the Media Chooser, content owners may publish YuJa-created lecture captures and other uploaded media content with the click of a button, directly from the LMS. This simplifies the process of delivering content to users, and enables both content owners and users to access lecture captures and other course or group content via a single platform.

Lecture Capture inside Moodle

The YuJa Enterprise Video Platform tools are directly accessible through Moodle. Instructors may begin a Software Station or Browser Capture recording directly from Moodle.

  • Software Capture can be accessed for both personal computers, like a home or office computer, and classroom or meeting room computers.
  • Browser Capture allows the use of a browser-based capture platform to create mini-recordings.

Video CMS Integration with Moodle

LMS integration provides a comprehensive user experience; users can access all media content in their courses or groups without leaving Moodle. There is no need for instructors or students to engage with course content outside of their usual LMS.

Adding Media Content from the Video CMS to Moodle

For content owners and users, the experience within Moodle is a seamless one. The YuJa Enterprise Video Platform Media Chooser offers two different options; content owners can access their recorded lecture captures and uploaded content through the Media Chooser popup. The YuJa Enterprise Video Platform Media Chooser also allows the content owner to upload content directly to an individual course, without first recording or uploading it within the YuJa Enterprise Video Platform. Opening the Media Chooser offers access to YuJa’s easy-to-use Upload feature, enabling the uploading of a wide variety of file types.

Viewing Media Content in Moodle

When users wish to watch content, it is fully accessible in the YuJa Enterprise Video Platform’s HTML5 Media Player directly through Moodle. There is no need for users to leave Moodle to access video course content, and the player works directly within the browser. Content added to courses using the Media Chooser is available via the embedded HTML5 Media Player.

Searching the Video Content Management System Through Moodle

The Media Chooser makes all desired media content available to the user; content owners can embed content directly into the course. Content is then fully searchable, including captioning, slide contents, and tags.