The Perfect Fit

by Dan Walsh

College takes the life of a student in a whole new direction for four years. Being anywhere for that long of a time means they’ll want to make sure it’s just right for them. I myself value the size of the student body, the majors offered by the college, and the atmosphere.

        Looking at how large a school is for size factors into quite a few important aspects of my life. The more people there are, the less likely I will encounter the same people. This is a positive or a negative based on perspective as you may want to form a close group of friends from being in the same classes, or you may want to always meet new people. Then there comes the student to faculty ratio. With many students, I wouldn’t get as much personal time with a professor to help discuss issues I’m having in the class. The size of a school is very important for a new college student when considering where to continue their education.

        Following the size, I believe the majors and programs offered by a school are incredibly important. This is very necessary to choose a school with the right program if a student is looking to pursue a career in nursing, engineering, or any such vocation. Specialized schools would be of far more benefit to a student than a “fun” college or one with just a nice campus.

         Finally, I look at the atmosphere of a college. Being part of a Christian Synod, I want to go to a school that I align with in faith. Then, I also look for a school that has a reputation for well developed programs and s healthy student body as compared to one known for partying. This may be one of the most important factors as college is one of the critical phases in the development of young adult.

        The perfect place to attend college may not be right around the corner. However, being one of the vital times in shaping my life, I want to make sure I go somewhere that is the right size, has an atmosphere that fits my faith and personality, and make sure that it has a major in the career I wish to follow.

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Location, Price, and Major: Three College Factors Important to Me

by Christian Parham

Searching for a college is never easy. There are so many factions to consider, and after contemplating I have decided that location, price, and their programs available for my major are the most important to me. Location is extremely important to me because I would love to live in Southern California, but not super far away from home so I can visit. Because I still want to be kind of close near to home, it causes me to look at schools specifically in my state, California. Once I find a school that I’m interested in, the next factor for me to hone in on is price. Although I have applied for  scholarships and will be completing the FAFSA with my parents,this does not guarantee I’ll receive an affordable college education. For my parents sake and my own, I will have to strongly evaluate the quality of the education I’ll be receiving and if it is truly worth the price. With many students graduating college with $30,000 in student loan debt, it is an important factor to look into early while there’s still time. Finally, I will also be considering what programs are available for the major I hope to pursue. I hope to major in political science and minor in either journalism or psychology. While all of these majors are available at many colleges, this doesn’t mean that your education in certain colleges will be the best. Because I plan to work in these fields when I graduate, it’s important that I get an education that prepares me for what I’ll encounter in these job fields daily. If I am not equipped with knowledge and real world skills I can apply to my job after I leave college, then what is the point of going? If I focus on location, price, and programs for my major while deciding on the colleges I’m interested in, then I hopefully will be able to find a school that I truly love.

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Home Away From Home

by Kelsey Osborne

College searching is an important milestone for any graduating senior looking to move forward in their education. I have many things I’m looking for in a college, but my top three are the look of the college, how people feel when attending the college m, and the educational information about the college.

When searching for the perfect college, my first instinct is to look at the campus and it’s surrounding area. Because the college is going to be my home away from home, the look and feel of the college really matter to me. Is it pretty? Could I stand seeing it almost everyday? If I deem the outside look of the college worthy, I check the surrounding area. Is it a safe place? Are their exciting things to do nearby? How close is it to a beach? These are typically my questions when searching the area surrounding the campus. After I deem the university’s city safe, and the campus attractive enough, I immediately look up their dorm rooms. Because I like my privacy, space, and sleep my room will have to up to my standards. An ugly dorm room will just not work for me. ‘An empty room is an opportunity’ (kudos to Joy for Inside Out for that quote) is true, but sometimes there’s no hope. Fairy lights can’t fix everything.

If I find their dorm room options acceptable, I then go to look at what other students have to say about the University. I try to find people I personally know who have attended the university to answer truthfully to me, but there are plenty of online forums about universities that will also tell the truth. In order to get a feel of how the students operate on campus, I check friends and forums first, before I read what the university has to say about itself. The university wants me to go there, so it’s going to hype itself up, but if I want the real nitty-gritty truth, I go to first-hand sources. This is especially important to me. I want to know how the students really feel about their chosen school. After checking out the look of the university, and asking around about what the university is like, I then check out its education status. Does it have EVERYTHING I’m looking for? If not, I immediately cross it off my list. My education is important to me, and if I’m. It going to school for what i want to study, what’s the point in going at all. While I’m checking Education information, I also look up student to teacher ratio. I don’t work well in big classes, and I tend to ask a lot of questions so a high student to teacher ratio wouldn’t work for me.

The top three things I look for when picking universities is the college look, what the college is really like, and the educational information about the college.

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What Is Best For Me

by Andie Campbell

As I searched for a college that would be the best fit for me there were certain characteristics that I looked for. I wanted a school that was know to give a great education, was close to home, and has a friendly environment. California Lutheran University gave me everything I wanted and more.

                After intense research of looking at statistics for the few remaining schools I was choosing between, it was easy to see California Lutheran University was the best. It had extremely high graduation rates, I even was able to sign up for a program that guarantees you to finish in four years. It also had the best statistics for getting where I want after I graduate. Also to mention their school has great connections and gives many students the opportunities to intern or work at great places while or after attending California Lutheran University.

                Another thing I needed was a school that I felt safe at and was close to home. Thousand Oaks is a wonderful area quite similar to my hometown which feels extremely safe. For wanting to stay close to home is because during my junior year of high school I had a grand mal seizure. It took 7 months for me to fully recover and be cleared for many activities, there are still small problems today, so I wanted to be close to home in case of an emergency.

                Last but not least, California Lutheran University is the most friendly environment. I have meet up with students that have or are currently attending there and all they have to say are great things. Also just from my few visits to the school I could see students and their faculty were eager to help us in every way possible. My family was looking for the administration the first time we were there and we accidentally walked into the alumni office and this lady ran back out to help us. She went above and beyond with giving us maps and circling important places, but also giving us silly little things such as pens and small flags.

                All these qualities really stood out to me, and seemed the best for me too.

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