Online presentations provide the ability to share visual information, engage viewers, and reach people using multiple learning modalities. Video forms a key part of social media, marketing campaigns, and internal organizational education today. 

Today’s media capture solutions mean that organizations can make online presentations accessible to users, content owners and creators, administrators and the general public. In addition to allowing broad, yet managed, access to online presentations, capture solutions also facilitate the creation of online presentations by users and content owners.

The Advantages of Online Presentations

Online presentations offer a number of advantages for organizations, and, in turn, for the viewers of those presentations.

Visual Information

Visual information can be a challenge to present in print. Still images may be limiting, and offer only minimal opportunities for demonstration. Online presentations enable organizations to narrate multimedia demonstrations of products, skills, and applications. 

Viewer Engagement and Interactivity

For the viewer, online presentations are an interactive process. The viewer can pause, rewind, review, and repeat information in the presentation. This provides for increased engagement and retention of information. 

Comprehensive Delivery of Information

Whether you are providing information to potential customers or clients or sharing a new product or feature with employees or extant clientele, providing all of the necessary information in a single presentation is efficient for both the organization and user. A single presentation can incorporate information on a product, pricing, and delivery, for instance. 

Using Online Presentations

Online presentations offer a number of benefits for viewers of all types within an organization. Organizations of all sizes and types can adapt online presentation technology to meet their needs, both internally and from a broader marketing perspective. Using online presentations, you can:

  • Share and disseminate information efficiently
  • Announce organizational news
  • Realize the potential of video marketing
  • Educate through online presentations
  • Maximize the investment in special events and speakers. 

Creating and Viewing Online Presentations

The YuJa Enterprise Video Platform provides multiple options for online presentation creation and viewing, ranging from hardware solutions to browser-based options.