Post-production video editing enables instructors to improve their lecture captures, increase comfort with lecture capture technology and add additional notes, branding or even video content to the finished lecture capture. YuJa’s Video Editor is fully non-destructive, enabling the preservation of the original lecture capture recording. Use post-production video editing to:
  • Clip content from the beginning, middle or end of a lecture capture.
  • Add text overlays to a lecture capture.
  • Insert video content at the beginning or end of a lecture capture, or add a video stream to a lecture capture.
  • Watermark video content with the logo of the institution, or information about the instructor.

How Post-production Editing Works

Post-production editing uses a web-based video editor, accessible through the Media Library, to enable users to edit their own lecture capture videos, including videos created with the Software Station and Hardware Hub. The YuJa Video Editor creates a new, edited file and original files can be edited several times if needed. The Video Editor is easy and straightforward, making it a practical choice for instructors and IT Managers. Simple edits can improve the content and quality of an everyday lecture capture.

The Benefits of Video Editing

Video editing offers a range of benefits, including:
  • Cleaner lecture captures. Instructors can easily remove unwanted content at the beginning or end of the class, or edit technical issues out of the lecture capture video.
  • Additional information. Text overlays make it simple to add textbook references, assignments, online references, or missed information, like a vocabulary definition, to the lecture capture video after recording.
  • Integrated video content. New video content can be uploaded and added to lecture capture videos, or an additional video stream may be uploaded to add to a lecture capture.
  • Branding options. Branding is an ideal addition to publicly accessible video content.
While those benefits are straightforward, the ability to edit lecture capture content can also help instructors embrace lecture capture technology. Instructors who feel odd about being on camera may find post-production editing offers the ability for increased control of their lecture capture presentation.