banner-students-learning-medium Lecture capture technology is rapidly becoming an industry standard in higher education. Students expect access to their lectures, and many instructors are embracing new options offered by lecture capture technology. While lecture capture technology benefits all of your students, it can play a significant role in helping students to start their years in higher education successfully. A successful freshman year increases your freshman retention rate, and helps your students on a path to graduation. YuJa offers a variety of solutions to support freshman success on and off campus, and help you to bring those students back the following year. Freshman retention rates are impacted by:
  • Accurate student perceptions of the institution and education experience.
  • Successful acclimation programs for incoming students.
  • Appropriate continuation of financial aid packages.
  • Academic success.
While YuJa can’t help your financial aid department, lecture capture technology offers the ability to provide students with an accurate depiction of your institution, support student acclimation and encourage academic success among incoming freshmen. Not too many years ago, students were told that one in three wouldn’t return. Today, smart institutional policies can drop that number to one in ten students for a freshman retention rate of as much as 90 percent. hudson

Show Your School

Students often make their college decisions based on publicity materials and campus tours. They may accept their admission without ever having seen the inside of a classroom on your campus, or even met an instructor. Lecture capture technology offers you the opportunity to change this. With YuJa’s Media Library, you can choose to make some classroom lecture captures public. This allows incoming students to watch lecture captures of their courses. They can see how the instructors teach, what the classroom experience looks like, or even if they’d be interested in distance learning or online classes.

Acclimate Your Students

The transition from high school to college is a difficult one for many students. It’s very often  the first time away from home, without mom and dad’s rules, and the first time they have to develop self-discipline, motivation and other skills. Successfully acclimating new students to the college experience is key to both retention and their overall academic success. With YuJa, you can:
  • Offer incoming freshmen Real-time Discussion Groups to get to know one another.
  • Create easy-to-use introductory videos to illustrate campus offerings or teach college survival skills, from dorm cooking to study skills.
  • Encourage new students to use video Office Hours to connect with instructors, campus mentors, or support staff.

Encourage Academic Success

Lecture capture provides students with a valuable study and review resource–especially when their own note-taking abilities and listening skills may still be developing.
  • New students don’t need to worry about missing key components in a lecture when they can go home and re-watch the lecture on a computer or mobile device.
  • Easy access to course readings, syllabi, and PowerPoint presentations provides students with the ability to access course materials from their smartphone, reducing organizational challenges.
  • Social learning supports students in their efforts. They can connect with one another and help each other to learn.
  • Video lecture captures can accommodate a variety of learning challenges and different learning styles with both auto and external captioning services, audio podcasts and written transcripts.