As companies and institutions move their work flows online, using cloud-based systems, they may wish to integrate cloud-based presentation software into lecture capture or room recordings. Google Slides is an increasingly popular alternative to Microsoft PowerPoint, and provides an effective way to share multimedia content, and create a visually interesting presentation, while facilitating collaborative work.

Creating a Google Slides Presentation

Individuals and companies can create exciting and effective educational, informative, or marketing content using Google Slides.

Choose a Theme

Themes enable you to easily create clean and effective presentations with a clear and cohesive visual appeal. Google Slides offers a number of themes suitable for different types of presentations.

Name your presentation

Remember, Google Slides autosaves all changes, keeping your work safe. 

Add and edit content

You can add text and images, as well as video content to Google Slides. Move, delete or resize these as needed. 

Enter speaker notes

Speaker notes appear in a separate window not visible to your audience. 

Customize your slides

Go to File–Page Setup to customize your slides to meet your specific needs and preferences. 

Add slides

Click Add New Slide to create each additional slide in your presentation. 

Finish your presentation

You may share with other to collaborate, or simply present it to your class, meeting or group in person, or on video.

Using a PowerPoint Presentation in Google Slides

You can also use offline presentation content in a Google Slides presentation to take advantage of cloud-based technology. There are two different ways to do this; one converts a PowerPoint file to a Google Slides file, and can be edited. The other maintains the PowerPoint file, allowing for file access, but not editing.

Converting a PowerPoint Presentation

To access a PowerPoint presentation through Google Slides by converting it into a Slides presentation, simply upload to Google Drive. Right click on the uploaded file and select Open with Google Slides. A Google Slides copy of your presentation will be created and may be edited or shared. This is the most effective approach when using the GSuite with a PowerPoint file. 

Maintaining the PowerPoint Presentation without Conversion

If you do not wish to convert your PowerPoint file, you can upload to Google Drive and open directly from Google Drive. This offers fewer options, including no ability to collaborate or edit; however, the file can be viewed directly from Google Drive.

Using YuJa with Google Slides

There are three different ways to use Google Slides with the YuJa Enterprise Video Platform. 

  1. The YuJa Enterprise Video Platform facilitates screen capture recording. Simply play the Google Slides presentation on screen or through an attached device, like a Smart Board to incorporate your presentation into a recording.
  2. Download a completed Google Slides presentation as a PowerPoint (.ppt) file. Play your presentation deck using PowerPoint, and record with screen capture technology. 
  3. Download your presentation and upload individual .ppt slides using the YuJa Enterprise Video Platform Video Editor.