While many lecture capture recordings take place in a classroom prepared for video recording, at other times, instructors may need to create lecture capture recordings for flipped classes from home, whether it’s a home office or the dining room table. Minimal equipment is needed for a good-quality lecture capture, even if it’s in a low-key, on-the-spot setting. The ability to record flipped classroom content from home facilitates access, convenience and flexibility for instructors. Instructors can record needed lecture content on their own schedules, preparing multiple lectures at once, or creating video content as needed. Access to home lecture capture allows instructors to do essential prep work for their courses from home, the office, or even while travelling–there’s no need for a classroom recording station.

Recording a Lecture Capture from a Personal Computer

Access to software-based lecture capture solutions provides the ability to produce good-quality lecture capture recordings using a laptop or desktop computer. Lecture captures can be saved to the cloud, uploaded directly to a course, or even streamed for live viewing.

Essential Equipment for Recording

What’s needed for flipped classroom recording depends, to an extent, upon the instructor’s goals and needs. For some instructors, a screen capture and audio will be adequate to convey necessary information. In other cases, a video capture may also be desirable.
  • For audio capture, an external microphone is essential. Inexpensive external USB microphones are quite adequate.
  • For video capture, an external USB web camera is an ideal option; however, internal laptop web cameras may produce acceptable recording quality. The higher the camera resolution, the higher the recording quality.
  • For screen capture, maximum quality is determined by screen resolution.