We’d like to introduce YuJa’s new Media Library. The Media Library makes it simple to access video content at three different levels; institutional administrator, instructor and student.


YuJa’s Media Library offers a comprehensive video content management solution, with an intuitive and practical interface, available to instructors and administrators. This is a secure solution for institutions, instructors and students.

Hudson College

All YuJa users will see three simple folders, but what’s inside the folders will vary.

  • The Media Channel contains all media accessible to the user, aligned to courses in the institution’s LMS. Administrators will see media divided into individual group folders for all groups in the institution. Students and instructors will see multiple folders if they are enrolled in or teaching multiple classes, with a folder for each course.  Within individual courses, instructors and administrators can create sub-folders.
  • The Institution Channel allows administrators, instructors and students to access all videos added to the Institution Channel by an administrator or instructor. The Institution Channel is divided into Featured Videos, All Videos and Library. The Library offers a sorted and organized look at all Institution Channel videos. Unlike files in the Media Channel or the User Collection, the Institution Channel is publicly accessible, making it a practical way to share video content. This creates a campus channel, accessible to any visitor, providing a CampusTube experience.
  • User Collections allows the user access to all collections of media files that they are authorized to see. For an administrator, this means they have access to all media content. An instructor has access to all media content associated with the courses they teach. Finally, students have access to their own User Collection containing any media that they have uploaded or shared.


What Does This Mean for the YuJa User?

  1. Resources can be linked from class to class or group to group. An instructor can easily share or re-use content. Files can be copied from one folder to another, or moved from one folder to another to enable administrators and instructors to easily share course content.
  2. Content in the Institutional Channel is public–you can link or share this content with users without special permissions and it will appear on your CampusTube as part of your institution’s Media Library.
  3. Instructors in different departments or faculty in a single department are easily able to share media content with one another using the Institution folder.
  4. Students can access content from all of their classes in a single, practical interface and can access their own User Collections.
  5. Instructors can conveniently find all user content for students in their courses to review assignments and student work.