Students, instructors, and administrators benefit from standardized, campus-wide lecture capture technology. Today, lecture capture technology provides students with the ability to access course lectures, whether they are learning in a traditional brick-and-mortar setting, a hybrid or flipped learning environment, or a virtual classroom.

Lecture capture technology is no longer new, but many institutions adopted lecture capture technology in fits and starts, often department-by-department. This has resulted in the use of different lecture capture systems by different departments, different instructors, or in different buildings on many campuses.

Standardizing Lecture Capture Technology across the Campus

Lecture capture technology today has improved dramatically. With software- and hardware-based solutions, instructors can begin an on-demand lecture capture within moments, or administrators can schedule automated lecture capture in classrooms across campus. Standardized solutions for lecture capture provide students, instructors and administrators with the tools they require to store, organize and access lecture captures. 

Effective standardized solutions are:

  • Accessible from all campus locations; availability from home or office can also provide essential options for instructors.
  • Easy to use, even for those with limited technological skills. 
  • Fully integrated into the familiar campus learning management system. 
  • Available via both computer and mobile devices for increased viewer access.

The Advantages of Standardized Lecture Capture 

Standardized lecture capture solutions can offer institutions a wide range of benefits, applicable to the administration, instructors, and students. 

Improved Knowledge and Understanding for Technical Support Staff

With a standardized lecture capture solution, your institution’s IT staff needs only to learn one system, manage one system, and support students and instructors in the use of one system. This reduces the overall time required by IT staff, and provides the ability to increase knowledge and efficiency. 

Increased Use among faculty and staff

With a single, standardized lecture capture solution, instructors are more likely to learn and use your institution’s lecture capture system. An automated lecture capture option can even enable hands-off lecture capture for instructors. 

Maximized Accessibility and functionality for Students

A single, standardized lecture capture solutions makes it simple and practical for students to view and review lecture capture content. There is no confusion or question over where to find content, or how to access that content.