More and more businesses are opting to create internal, corporate video libraries. These are secure, but fully accessible to employees. Levels of accessibility and organization help to support employee use of these video resources.

Businesses today use video content to:

  • Provide online training to new employees or continuing education for current employees.
  • Share executive broadcasts.
  • Disseminate information about new programs or developments.
  • Implement new procedures and policies.
  • Spread knowledge of new products or presentations.

The Benefits of a Corporate Video Library

A corporate video library, sometimes called a Corporate YouTube offers a number of significant benefits for both small and large organizations. These maximize both security and accessibility for video content, as well as providing efficient storage options.

A Corporate YouTube is a cloud-based video content management system that lets you store and manage your video content. Expandable storage and smart organizational strategies maximize the usefulness of your video creation for your team, and for marketing or publicity.

  • Your Corporate YouTube works just like the file management systems you already use. Content is organized into folders and subfolders in a logical and accessible way.
  • Permissions settings let you make your content accessible to anyone, to certain people, or to secure it for limited internal use. Videos must be shared intentionally; permissions default to internal use.
  • Cloud-based storage is expandable and hosted off-site, so there’s no concern about outgrowing your internal storage or about bandwidth usage on your servers.
  • Public facing Corporate YouTube sites and internal Corporate YouTube sites make it simple to share new content, and keep your employees and others up-to-date on corporate events, happenings and education.