Lecture capture technology does not have to be limited solely to faculty use. While recorded lectures offer a number of advantages for students and faculty, students can use the same technology to produce varied media-based assignments. Video assignments can help students improve their presentation skills, essential in today’s workplace, and can support engagement and interaction in online courses.

For colleges and universities, this requires providing a new group of individuals (and often a very large group) with training in the use of capture technology. In order to do well in courses that ask for video assignments, students need to be capable of and have the tools required to create those capture recordings. With the YuJa Enterprise Video Platform, students may record using the Software Station, browser-based Web Capture or the YuJa Mobile App.

Training Opportunities

For institutions that wish to take capture technology to the student body, it is essential to provide training to students in the use of the capture platform. There are a number of options for student training:

  • Integrate capture technology training into student orientation activities.
  • Use mandatory freshman classes to provide capture training. 
  • Offer capture training opportunities in the library or via online training.
  • Have computer lab staff available and willing to assist with capture technology.

Recording Spaces

While students can record assignments and captures using their own laptop computers or mobile devices, institutions can also help by providing recording spaces. Students may feel self-conscious recording in their own dorms or homes, and more comfortable in a more professional environment.

Create Recording Rooms

Institutions can consider outfitting study rooms or small conference rooms on campus with basic recording equipment, including a computer, web cam and microphone. This can provide a private recording space, and may be used by both students and faculty. Libraries and computer labs can integrate these spaces for student recordings, but individual departments on campus can also do so. 

Support Students Recording at Home

For students recording captures and assignments in their own homes or dorms, consider offering simple suggestions to provide for better recording quality; these include quieting the space, using a separate microphone if needed, and filming against a blank wall, when possible.

Turning in Assignments

Students can upload their completed video assignments directly to the Platform’s cloud. Available options then include the ability to publish to the course, or to share the file directly with the instructor.