Using Lecture Capture and a Video CMS with Blackboard

Universities, colleges, and community colleges use learning management systems, or LMSs to bring the content of all sorts to their students. The LMS facilitates in-classroom, blended, flipped, and online learning for enrolled students and helps students and instructors to remain in close and ongoing communication. Many institutions around the country have chosen the Blackboard LMS to meet the needs of their students.

Using Lecture Capture and a Video CMS with Blackboard

The Blackboard LMS

The Blackboard LMS provides a virtual learning environment for students and serves as a tool to manage courses within a college or university. Blackboard offers accessible solutions for a variety of educational settings around the globe.  

Platform Integration with Blackboard

The YuJa Enterprise Video Platform integrates into Blackboard to bring lecture capture and video content management to Blackboard users within the institution. These tools can be added to and made available to some classes within the institution or to all classes. 

Working with LTI Integration

LTI integration enables the Blackboard LMS to automatically transfer course and user information from the LMS to the YuJa Enterprise Video Platform. Once the LTI integration is set up, the process is automated. This makes it simple for instructors and students to use the Platform’s various tools.

Integrating Video Content Management with Blackboard

A video content management system, like the YuJa Enterprise Video Platform, provides the tools needed to store, organize, and access media content. All media content that has been added to the Platform is then available directly through Blackboard.

  • Instructors can use Blackboard to add Platform-stored media directly to their individual courses.
  • Content can be watched using the Platform’s HTML5 Media Player within Blackboard.
  • Enhanced searchability makes media stored within the Platform’s cloud easily accessible; you can find what you need by searching a variety of media details.

Using Lecture Capture within the Blackboard LMS

Lecture capture tools, including browser-based capture and the YuJa Software Capture tool are available directly from the Blackboard LMS. Software Capture is a ideal fit for classroom, meeting room, and even office recording scenarios. Browser-based capture provides a quick fix for in-browser short recordings to provide additional information or answer questions.

Integrating the Media Chooser

The YuJa Media Chooser provides an easy access tool to add any media from the YuJa Enterprise Video Platform to a Blackboard course. Using the Media Chooser, instructors can easily select, publish, and share media content with students in their courses. The Media Chooser can be made accessible to some or all courses by IT staff.

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