Colleges and universities of all sizes rely upon learning management systems or LMS to provide access to course content for online, flipped, and traditional courses. In order to maximize the usefulness of the LMS, it is essential to select a lecture capture provider and video content management system that integrates with the institution’s chosen LMS.

The D2L Brightspace Learning Management System

D2L Brightspace is a popular LMS option for institutions, providing an intuitive and mobile-friendly interface for users that brings course content to users in the classroom, at home, and on-the-go.

The YuJa Enterprise Video Platform tools integrate easily and effectively with the D2L Brightspace LMS.      

D2L Platform Integration

With the YuJa Enterprise Video Platform, lecture capture technology can be available for some or all D2L courses. 

Using LTI Integration

LTI integration technology connects the YuJa Enterprise Video Platform and the D2L Brightspace LMS. LTI integration communicates user and course information from the LMS to the Platform, providing a seamless user experience. Integration options are available to IT Managers through the Platform’s Admin Panel, using the Integrations tab.

Integrating Video Content Management

A video content management system organizes media content and makes it accessible, from any location, at any time. All media content created, uploaded or linked within the YuJa Enterprise Video Platform is directly available through the D2L Brightspace LMS.

  • Content owners can easily add media content from the Platform to their D2L Brightspace courses using the YuJa Media Chooser. Content owners can also upload media directly through the Media Chooser. 
  • The Platform’s HTML5 Media Player will play media content in the browser using the Media Chooser. 
  • Media content can be searched by title, owner, captioning, slide contents and tags to enable both content owners and users to find the content they need.
Using Lecture Capture in D2L

The Platform’s tools, including Software Capture and Browser Capture, are accessible from within D2L Brightspace. This allows for media creation directly within the LMS.

  • Software Capture offers a full-featured solution ideal for classrooms, conference rooms, offices and home offices.
  • Browser Capture provides an ideal solution for short video-creation, using an online interface.

Media Chooser Integration with D2L

A Media Chooser extension is available directly through the D2L Brightspace LMS to provide instructors with the ability to easily publish and share lecture captures and other media content. This enables students and instructors to access all content through the LMS and can be enabled by IT personnel to make the Media Chooser accessible to users in various courses.