Creating a vibrant and diverse student community is a goal for every institution; this means engaging with and enticing the best students from around the country, and even around the world. There are traditional ways of reaching students, like mass mailings. Websites and advertising also offer the ability to reach potential students. That said, how adequately do mailings or websites show students the community on your campus, the exciting programs, faculty research projects and more?

Reaching Potential Students

Video offers an ideal way to reach out to potential students. Unlike text and photos, video offers an immersive experience. Potential students can see your campus and your community. Instructors and staff can introduce themselves, and the traditional campus tour can go online for students and their families. Consider integrating video content that shows:
  • Campus facilities. What do the dorms look like? How big are the classrooms and classes? How active is the student center? Videos of your campus can answer all of these questions for potential students.
  • Faculty. For many students, particularly graduate students, access to skilled researchers and academic faculty is a deciding factor in school choice.
  • The campus community. Show potential students their future classmates. Get video of the annual water balloon fight, or a charity fundraiser to share with potential students.

Attracting International Students

At many colleges and universities, international students make up a significant percentage of the student body. For an international student, there’s no opportunity to visit the town or campus, and many may have never been to the country. Creating rich video content of your campus, community and the surrounding town can give international students an orientation to the area long before their flights touch down. To appeal to potential international students, share more than just information about your campus and community.
  • Interview current international students. Consider offering some interviews in the native language!
  • Show meetings of international student groups and activities.
  • Include tours of graduate or married student housing.

Creating an Alternative to the Campus Visit

While many students will make a campus visit, either before accepting their admission or the summer between high school and college, this isn’t an option for all families. A well-rounded video library can provide students with access to much of the information available during a campus visit.
  • Use lecture capture technology to capture classes and workshops offered during campus visits.
  • Record a campus tour. Take the time to explore, just like a potential student might!
  • Interview current students–if you’ve got a group that mentors new and potential students, get them on camera.
  • Create a video tutorial for the first day on campus, from moving in to picking up a parking pass and student ID.