What is a Learning Management System

YuJa’s features are designed to merge seamlessly with the LTI-compliant learning management systems, including BlackBoard, Moodle, D2L, Sakai, and Canvas. Learning management systems are designed to manage, administer, track and report learning activities in a higher education setting, like a community college or university. For smaller schools and those that have not adopted a larger LMS or made one available to instructors, YuJa can provide a fully functional lightweight LMS. An LMS can be used for both hybrid courses with in-person and online components or for online-only courses. Learning management systems can also be used for corporate training services. While a learning management system may provide students and instructors with a convenient way to turn in assignments, maintain grades, and track student activity, YuJa allows you to expand on the LMS in a number of ways.

The Benefits of Integrating YuJa into an LMS

Traditional learning management systems do not offer the active, social learning environment of YuJa. YuJa encourages student collaboration and interaction in a variety of ways, makes new technological tools available to instructors, and allows the classroom to move out of a brick-and-mortar building and into a new and mobile online environment. For instructors, students, and faculty, YuJa offers:
  • Lecture capture technology, either through the YuJa appliance or software capture.
  • Video podcasting to create easy recordings for students.
  • Video collaboration, with file sharing where needed.
  • Online office hours and video chats with students.
  • Multimedia discussion forums.
  • Online quizzes and video quizzes.
  • Well-organized learning channels, with both YuJa-created videos and external videos.
These enterprise video features merge with a larger LMS to create one part of a comprehensive connected classroom. Students can learn in an active and collaborative way, working with and supporting one another. As students work together with one another, they can rely on instructor-controlled tools to review lectures and podcasts, access online office hours, and complete quizzes and video quizzes.