Satellite campuses can bring learning to small towns and rural areas without easy or convenient access to either community colleges or four-year colleges and universities. Depending upon the town, satellite campuses may be small campuses with some of the same resources as the main campus, or may rely upon public spaces, like the local high school. Remote learners may not have access to a campus of any sort.

While satellite campuses and remote learning offer a number of advantages to students, they have traditionally posed some challenges for institutions. Instructors often do not wish to commute to satellite or remote campuses, and it may be difficult to find adequate adjunct faculty to work at remote sites. Video learning technology has made remote learning and satellite campuses more effective and accessible than ever before.

How Video Learning Helps

Video learning lets remote students and those attending satellite campuses benefit from the same lectures and instructors as students at your main campus. With smart lecture capture technology, students can watch lecture capture presentations that include:

  • Webcam footage of the instructor.
  • Document camera and Smartboard capture.
  • Computer screen or screens used for presentation media.
  • Audio and auto-captioning of the instructor’s lecture.

YuJa’s lecture capture technology allows institutions to automate the lecture capture process with either the YuJa Software Station or YuJa Hardware Hub.

How Students Access Video Learning

For students away from campus, video learning is a lifeline to the educational process. Students can learn synchronously, with scheduled lecture capture broadcasts or video classes or asynchronously on their own schedules.

Through lecture capture and video classes, students can learn, engage with instructors and learn actively with their classmates.

YuJa supports students by providing:

  • A full-featured Media Viewer.
  • Mobile access to lecture captures and learning content.
  • Real-time Discussions to engage with classmates and instructors.
  • Video Conferencing tools for real-time synchronous learning.