YuJa is committed to the very best for students and institutions. Improved graduation and completion rates are essential for institutions to thrive and to maximize the benefits of student investment in education. With that in mind, YuJa would like to share some information about a project of the American Council on Education, supported by the Gates Foundation.

The Alternative Credit Project is designed to help non-traditional students meet completion goals, and is supported by the American Council on Education and the Gates Foundation.

“ACE is engaged in an Alternative Credit Project™ to encourage greater acceptance of students’ alternative credit and create a more flexible pathway towards post-secondary education attainment for the more than 32 million non-traditional students who may have some college credit but no degree.”

What Are Alternative Credits?

Alternative credits enable students to fulfill general education requirements using no-cost or low-cost online alternatives. ACE encourages colleges and universities to accept these credits to help students complete their degrees. At this time, some 50 institutions are participating in the Alternative Credit Project, offering new opportunities to their students.

Institutions can apply to join the project if they are able to “commit to accept a large number of the courses from this project for transfer credit based upon ACE’s credit recommendations and agree to visibly communicate acceptance of those courses to potential students.”

The Benefits of the Alternative Credit Project

For students, the Alternative Credit Project offers a low-cost or even free way to gain the college credits that they need. For institutions, this means improved student completion rates. Students have an effective, flexible way to gain credits at a low cost. This means less debt and less struggle for non-traditional students, and in the long run, fewer students leaving school because of hardship.

The Significance of the Alternative Credit Project

The Alternative Credit Project offers advantages for both students and institutions, but it also has additional implications. This recognition of the growing importance of online learning by the American Council for Education sends a clear message to institutions of all sizes–it’s time to step out of the brick-and-mortar classroom and offer new and flexible learning options. YuJa can help your institution begin offering online learning options or assist in expanding online learning. The Alternative Credit Project illustrates the critical need for flexible and varied learning choices for all institutions today to support the varied needs of both traditional and non-traditional learners.