Essay Topic: Explain how technology has helped you throughout your academic career. Do you think technology has made learning easier?

What Technology Allowed Me to Achieve

by Anita Hu

There were many nights where I found myself slaving over contents of homework that I had no idea how to complete, and the notes that I had taken in class didn’t provide a clue of what I was supposed to do. It was times like these when I greatly appreciated the access I had to technology. A few words typed into Google would lead to millions of answers (some wrong) and numerous solutions.

Websites such as Khan Academy supplied multiple resources like video solutions, notes, and practice problems. This was extremely helpful because the topics were explained thoroughly, so it was difficult to get lost. If I had a math problem, not only would they tell me the answer, they would also give me a lesson on the solution. Another go-to for me were videos on YouTube that were uploaded by Crash Course. In addition to clear and concise explanations, they had engaging and interesting cartoons and diagrams for each video.

Technology wasn’t only beneficial for completing homework though. Being allowed only a specific number of courses limited my interests and the ability to learn new concepts. The solution? To take online courses. It was favourable to many students as online courses were extremely flexible. You could do it in bed, while you were eating lunch, all at once, and even during the holidays. For people with good time management skills, this was something to take advantage of.

Technology has saved me from numerous amounts of sleepless nights and gave me the possibility of obtaining new information. Instead of having to wait the next day to ask my teachers for help, the answers to my homework were a click away. This in turn raised my grades up immensely and many were impressed with my quick learning skills. It was safe to say that I had benefited from having access to technology throughout my academic career.

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Technology in Education

by Azhai Williams

A majority of today’s students use technology as an aid in learning. Our rapidly advancing technological resources allow people to find answers to an infinite amount of questions in seconds. In this day and age, students have come to depend on the internet.
Throughout my academic career, I have come to rely on technology and many teachers have based their coursework upon this. Nearly half of my assignments require the internet either to obtain answers or submit work. I have found that technology has helped me tremendously. The ability to gain results in such a short amount of time is amazing. Not only does technology help with assignments but it has also come in handy quite recently with scholarships and college applications. Without the internet, it would be extremely time consuming and tedious to write out sections such as class schedules and extracurricular involvement. Along with the internet comes social media, of course. Although social media use with teens has become overwhelming, it allows us to keep up with current events and stay engaged with classroom-adaptive apps. Through resources including Blackboard, email, and live chats, several people can participate in the same class or project at once, even if they are outside of the classroom. These adaptive platforms have allowed group work to be more accessible and engaging.
Despite the fact that technology has many positive educational aspects, it makes textbook learning slightly difficult. Our constant dependence on the internet has made it challenging to learn using critical reading skills. Students tend to be lackadaisical when it comes to finding answers by reading instead of having the answer appear with the click of a button. Although technology is extremely useful, it has become too easy to find basic information, which in turn makes it strenuous for individuals to acquire in-depth material.

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Technology’s Impact On Learning

by Tiffany Anderson

In this day and age, there is no escaping technology. It impacts your day to day life and has revolutionized the world and the way we live in it. Through many different avenues, technology has helped me excel in my academic career. From the laptop that I’m typing this essay on to the programs and applications I have used during my time in college, all of which have aided me in furthering my education. I have used the internet to research many different topics to help me with a paper or to further my understanding of a topic. I have used my laptop to write countless papers and many other things. The different programs and applications chosen by my professors to complement the course content have aided in my understanding of the material being taught. And I can’t forget the countless hours of lectures that have been watched for my courses.

Technology has shaped the way I learn and has been involved every step of the way in obtaining my degree. There is no denying the fact that technology has made learning easier and more convenient. Thanks to my laptop I have been able to work on assignments anywhere. Thanks to things such as Google docs I have been able to collaborate with people in my groups to get things done with the added bonus of everyone being capable of working on the project at the same time. This has been a huge time saver and a true blessing, as working full-time and going to school full-time takes up so much of my days. EBook versions of my textbooks have also made my life so much easier since I can read them on the go. I resisted this technological advancement for many years as I have always liked having a novel in my hand, but being able to access the textbooks from anywhere and not having to lug them around has been very convenient and much lighter I might add.

Having so much technology at my fingertips and being able to be exposed to a wealth of information and knowledge whenever I want is phenomenal. Ten years ago, I could have never imagined the world being the way it is now. Even after I graduate I look forward to seeing where technology takes us as a society.

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Technology to Aid a Rural Student

by Taylor Kennah

Technology has been an essential tool for my education process. As a high school senior, I look back on the past twelve years and wonder how education was possible without the advanced technology we have now. Living in Wyoming, the rural nature of my town could have easily become an obstacle in the path of one’s education. The town I live in has less than four hundred people, meaning it can be exceedingly difficult to gain exposure to current events and other pressing matters. In some of the bigger schools even in Wyoming, one grade of a high school contains more than three times the people that reside in my hometown. However, there are now other options for someone that wants more educational opportunity than relocating somewhere with more people, through technology.
Through concurrent enrollment through a distant community college, I and my classmates have been given access to a wider range of classes offered both in class and online. Often separated from my friends by distance, technology has allowed me to expand my horizons and make close-knit friendships from people across the country, which has simultaneously expanded my connections, highlighted other perspectives and narratives, and vastly increased my technological knowledge. For example, every morning, Monday through Friday, I have an hour on my laptop during which I participate in an online English course that fulfills my high school graduation requirement and gives me valuable college credit for free. Whenever the basketball team I play for has an away game, I have the ability to catch up on whatever I missed at school that day through Powerschool on my laptop, phone, or tablet. Technology like these devices, and the services that they provide have been essential in who I have become intellectually. Through the internet, I have had access to so many opinions and walks of life than I believe would naturally encounter in rural Wyoming, and I believe this exposure has been key to forming my opinions and perspectives. So, in so many more ways than one, technology has helped me to learn and made learning easier.

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Technology’s Impact is not Black and White

by Andres Ballesteros

Technology and its impact on learning is something that I believe is not black and white. Technological advancements were made to make the spread of information easier and although it has, it has at the same time made other things harder. In past generations, research used to be found through books that would be found at the library and information of daily life used to be read about in papers. Technology has offered information so quick and from so many outlets that it has become hard to choose which to read and rely on. Beforehand, there used to be maybe one or two books about a certain subject (that were for the most part unbiased) and you would base your learning off the information from those one or two books. Now however, information is everywhere and if you look into information on a particular subject you are bombarded with sources that have conflicting viewpoints to one another. And although this allows you to see certain topics under a new pair of lens, it also makes it difficult to cement your viewpoint on the topic.
This question asks how technology has made learning easier for myself. And the definition of learning is the gaining of knowledge and skills through one’s experience, studying, or being taught. Now I believe technology has facilitated my learning experience but if you take a look at what are the sources that students use as their basis for developing facts one can argue its based off the experiences of another and thus NOT learning but memorizing opinions. The reasoning behind this is that when a source is written, it is written by someone has learned through their own experiences and has then come to a biased ideal. I however, have made a conscience effort in recent years to prevent this train of thought by reading articles that support other viewpoints that vary from my ‘own’. To then be able to come to a conclusion and develop my own bias about a certain topic and truly have learned the topic. Through thorough thought, I believe it is impossible to say that technology has not made learning easier for me because without the plethora of information that I was provided by biased sources I would have never been able to truly learn.

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Worth the Technical Difficulties

by Brielle O’Hara

Technology can be the source of many frustrations during an academic career, but I have no doubt it is worth every headache. Despite wifi going down ten minutes before an essay is due, using computers for work and homework greatly enhance the learning experience. Computers can do more in an instant than we can by hand, which can be incredibly helpful in a math class to understand the concept instead of trudging through the pages of work to come to an answer. Parents tend to think of using calculators as cheating, but they allow us to do so much more than before. After learning a concept, it can be expanded upon with the use of calculators. Typing an essay saves a lot of erasing time and makes organization a lot easier. I would not be happy writing a final draft essay by hand and realizing one paragraph would fit a lot better on the first page than the fifth, or I accidentally missed an important sentence two paragraphs back. Probably the greatest aspect of using technology with respect to learning is the ability to Google anything that didn’t quite stick in class. There are Youtube videos of examples for math concepts thoroughly explained in a different way than the teacher did, adding an entire new platform to learn from. Definitions are available at the touch of a button to improve an essay or other assignment. Presentations can be digital and whipped together much quicker than making a poster. Ideas are more easily shared amongst peers and group projects may have more success when everyone can access the work and contribute on their own time. Learning wouldn’t be the same without technology; from calculators to computers, it has revolutionized the way schools are run. Libraries have more computers and less books; it is required to have a specific type of calculator for high school math and beyond; essays must be typed and turned in online; math assignments and quizzes appear on an electronic platform with instant grading. There are endless changes and learning is different that it used to be. These changes allow us to learn more faster and expand our knowledge base while gaining a better understanding of technology expands our future capabilities as well. Technical difficulties may happen at the worst time, but they seem to be a necessary evil to learn in the best way we can.

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Growing up in the 21st Century

by Estephanie

Ever since the beginning of human history, technology has been created to help people understand how things work, and make people’s daily lives easier. Before the Common Era, when writing was just invented, writing was used as an accounting system for trade and everything was written on a clay slab. Fast-forward a few centuries, and a printing press was invented that could make hundreds of copies of a specific book. Today, in the 2018, we still use books, but we also use other technology that allows us to have access to all sorts of information that books cannot give us. Throughout my academic career, technology has not only helped me, but it also made learning easier.
Growing up in the 21st century, learning how to use the computer was an essential skill that all children had to go to. Being taught how to type, how to use computer programs and to “surf” the web set the foundation that I not only use in my academic career, but also my personal life. Instead of sitting in a library with a stack of encyclopedias, books, and newspaper articles, the answer could appear right in front of me on a phone, tablet, or laptop. The internet allowed me to have access to hundreds of scientific journals and databases that I would use for research for school assignments. Although research is important for academic careers, technology allowed communication possible and easy. Google Docs and Google slides are perfect tools for group projects that are required to have a paper and/or presentation. It allows multiple people to work on the same document at once, as well as allowing them to communicate to each other so everyone knows what they need to do, and how they need to do it. But communication has helped my academic career even for research purposes. Using the social media app Instagram, I was able to communicate to an American teacher working in South Korea, to ask about how air pollution in South Korea has personally affected her. Even before social media, it would have been nearly impossible to get in touch with someone I have never met.
Overall, technology has had a significant impact in my academic career, and the impact will only increase from now on. When technology makes learning easier, people will want to learn, and our society can benefit from that.

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Technology, Developing the Next Generation

by Zachary Scott Vrobel

In today’s society, technology has taken the lead in pioneering new ways for Americans to approach academic prowess, overshadowing more traditional methods which had been in place for generations before us. In the past 20 years alone we have seen the evolution from college textbooks to CD-ROM style learning, and now with the evolution of the cellphone, online courses with a plethora of resources right in the student’s hands. My personal experience with technology in academia has had a positive effect in expanding my learning capabilities, and additionally, has allowed me to gain familiarity with cutting edge technology.
I have had experiences with both online college courses and online military training courses. In 2016, I started a very rigorous medical training course in the Army. This course was designed to be fast paced, offer little down time, and produce the best military medics in the world. This course had a very expensive online database which not only allowed me to access course notes from the days lecture, but also gave me in-depth instructor notes to view. In addition to the notes, I was able to practice some of my skills in mock patient care scenarios. During these scenarios, I was given simulated live tissue samples, microscopic panels and test results in order to make the best decision for the patient’s well-being. This helped me to further grasp foundational skills, and since I am a visual learner, it also helped me conceptualize the steps of each process. More recently, I took an online college algebra class which gave me new found confidence in my ability to grasp mathematical concepts. This course included videos, notes, and multiple variations of explanations by different professors. During the homework exercises the problems gradually escalated into what would be seen on the test. Each one had step by step instructions showing how to solve a problem with sections for the student to participate in as it was explained. This unique approach undoubtedly increased the student performance rates in my college’s mathematics workshops.
Technology that utilizes online and computer based education to perpetuate academic advancement in students is shaking up the traditional learning platforms our grandparents grew up with. This technology will only get more efficient as time goes on. One day there will be an artificial intelligence based program which will be able to develop lessons handcrafted to each student’s learning style.

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The Power of the Evolution of Technology

by Dea Glamoc

As a student each year of schooling and each subject forces you to grow and adapt to change. These changes include academic challenges which promote prosperity in your life as a student and a successful member of society. I was able to witness the dramatic evolution of technology. Elementary school was composed of overheads and whiteboards. As the years passed I was able to face challenges academically while also being followed by the rapidly changing world of technology. Overheads turned to smart boards and whiteboards turned to chromebooks. Technology has allowed me to grow as a critical thinker and utilize resources that have allowed my academic journey to be richer and more fulfilling.
As a current sophomore in college I have been exposed to an abundance of resources. College is all about finding your identity and discovering passions that you ultimately follow into your career. The integration of technology has made this difficult journey much easier. I have been able to utilize programs such as google docs which update and save your changes immediately. It saves me from the anxiety that involves possibly losing files due to computers dying or breaking. Google docs also allows other students to simultaneously work on documents without having to physically be in the same room. The simplest website or link can open up an immense amount of opportunities. The advancement of technology has allowed Universities to allow their students to connect with others that can further benefit their careers. Volunteer opportunities, job openings, clubs, and retreat information are all easily accessible through the implementation of detail oriented websites. Laptops have made studying and absorbing lectures much easier. I am a visual learner and prefer to take notes on paper, but I also like to simultaneously view class powerpoints on my laptop. Technology is often correlated with the depletion of independence and intelligence. However, I think that viewing the positive contributions of technology is vital to understanding the complexity of the average student that has developed in this era of technological advancements.

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The Necessity of Technology in Education

by Ilma Seperovic

I’ve always wondered how many hours have I spent staring at a computer screen, how many times have I waken up and blinded my eyes to the harsh brightness of a screen? I’m surrounded by technology every tick of a second since the start of my education. With a culture so invested in technology, the access to it is effortless. For example, the university I attend rents out laptops to students for free, and the public library has access, awhile as the majority of the public having a cell phone with internet. Thus, accessibility isn’t an issue which is why I believe technology has become a critical factor in education and learning.
Technology has helped me by giving me an abundant amount of access to resources that create a simpler life for a student, such as me. I’m able to share my work in seconds and establish a system of organizing my assignments so that I can find them easily. My textbooks are online, my math and German homework are online as well as my class notes. This is just a small chunk of school that depends on technology; it’s so much more efficient for I can turn an assignment within seconds or find specific class notes that I might need. This system of learning eliminates the worry of losing your work and keeps everything organized, critical skills required as an adult. The ability to directly pull up an assignment or receive feedback within few seconds on homework is terrific for it brings no burden of carrying excess books or papers along with one’s backpack. The ability to connect with Professors and classmates through an email, store important notes and documents as well as the majority class resources being online is accentual to a student’s learning. Our society is so dependent on technology that it is only beneficially to have that transcend into the classrooms.

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Learning Though Technology

by Richard Colon

Throughout my academic career technology had been on the rise. At first it was through using projector to present information at a much quicker pacer than writing everything out on a board. Then moved onto having brand new computers within computer labs at school to then having our own laptops to use for the school year. To now having my own personal laptop. This rise in technology has made my pursuit for an academic degree much easier. For example, all the times that I had to write and or create a research project based off a single question. Here, with the help of technology, I was able to write out my papers much faster. I would use search engines such as Google and Bing to find certain topics that pertained to my research. Because of how fast technology has become, I’ve been able to read through articles and biographies quickly; which in turn has allowed me to become much more efficient at deciphering what is true or false on the internet. This new technology has not only made working on my academic career easier and faster, it has also made it much more enjoyable. What this means is that I’ve been able to go and research my work at my own pace and at my own leisure. This advantage has given me the chance to truly absorb and process the information that I am learning about. In terms of whether technology has made learning easier is entirely true. People such as myself can now read through information and understand create their own opinions about it at a much quicker pace than ever before. An enormous advantage that technology has provided for learning and learning in my own academic career, is the sheer amount of information that is out on the internet that is available to be seen. Instead of spending hours upon hours of reading through books and novels to find one piece of text, all you must do is search a specific question on the internet and there will be thousands of sources that are available. Technology has made learning for me and millions of other students so much easier to the point to where you can now teach yourself anything.

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How Technology Has Changed Me

by Bryn Randall

Throughout my academic career, technology has been slowly introduced into classrooms. From having little technology, to having technology available to every student, it has made an impact on the way that teachers teach. Technology has multiple benefits and consequences that have changed the way people learn and have made learning easier for not just me but for millions of people in the United States.
At the beginning of my academic career, there was little technology because technology was not advanced enough. There were no smart phones, and computers were slow at best. In second grade, my class got one of the first smart boards in the school. Teachers started changing their lessons from lecturing from the book, to doing power points through the computer. We started using the internet for research and to turn in assignments. At first, computers could be somewhat of a nuisance but now that they are used every day, they have been a huge help to me. I use them for anything from research for homework to reading articles. There are huge amounts of information available to me at the click of a button. Technology has helped me succeed in school and ensures that I can keep up in my classes.
Technology has made learning much easier. Before technology, when writing a research paper, students would have to spend hours in the library going through books and using sticky notes, highlighters, and a notebook full of notes in order to keep track of the information. Now it is all available at the click of a button and we have many resources that we can use that are across the world. We can learn more about other cultures more quickly and it’s easy to interact with them on the internet. I strongly agree that technology has made learning easier.
In conclusion, technology is changing the way that people learn and it has made it easier for people to learn, especially for those with a disability. Technology has helped me in so many ways and has helped me gain a better understanding of the world around me. Tech helps everyone involved and I think that as more technology is introduced into schools, it will just become easier for people to have access to more and more information.

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Growing up, technology became one of the greatest inventions in history. The development of smartphones, laptops, and other greater ways to easily do things, such as machines, has made the things we do daily, much much easier. Throughout my academic career, technology has helped me learn things faster. I remember being in elementary and going to the computer labs to take reading exams on the desktops. This made it so much more fun to read as I felt more engaged in the activities. Smartphones have made it easier for me to time myself, calculate, download apps which have previously allowed me to study for exams, such as the ACT. I believe that with technology I have education at the tip of my fingers. At anytime I can pull out my phone or laptop and begin studying, where as back in the day the options were at a stationary place such as a library or a school and everything done with pen, paper and books. Technology has made learning a lot easier for the current and incoming generations. Now we have online simulations and models that we can visually connect to the things we learn. Ebooks and videos make it so one is able to grasp a concept with greater knowledge. Online games engage students to show what they have learned through a fun way of testing. Things such as Google Apps, allows students to get creative and create presentations, display graphs, write essays. All these things are shared on a cloud which can be sent to anyone, anywhere around the world. Students in every discipline can usually find a way to enhance their learning experiences with the use of a computer. In conclusion, technology has made learning and education easy for any student to learn at their own pace. The more the population is educated, the better we progress with improving technology.

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Organizing with Technology

by Jessica Jones

A lack of organizational skills is something that college students all over the country have trouble with. Keeping deadlines in order, remembering what assignments need to be finished, and even scheduling actual study time are all things that today’s students need to take into consideration. Something that has drastically improved a college student’s organizational skills is access to technology. Instead of just keeping track of assignments and test in a paper planner, now you can digitalize it. One way that technology has helped me personally is that all my devices can sync up, so I can find my information everywhere. I can enter assignments into my schedule on my laptop, and when I am at work I can be reminded on my cell phone that I have due date approaching. This form of technology not only helps to plan my week, but it keeps me accountable to myself.

Another way that technology has helped me with my study habits is the use of my laptop in lecture halls. First, taking notes on my laptop has been a huge help while I attend lecture halls. Most professors tend to speed through Powerpoints and lectures, so jotting down notes by hand can be ineffectual. With my laptop, I can pull up the presentation while simultaneously taking notes at a rapid pace. Secondly, the ability to record my professor’s lectures on my laptop or phone can ensure that I write every detail that I need. Once the class is over, I can go back into my notes while replaying the lecture. If I missed any important details, I can fill them in. Having an electronic planner and schedule lets me focus primarily on studying for my classes. I am lucky that I live in the age where technology in classrooms is accepted. Technology has made learning easier because instead of overloading my life with everything, I can focus on the things that matter.

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My Technology BFF: The Internet Saved My (Academic) Life

by Gabriella Avila

Technology has been my own personal tutor. In all honesty, I wouldn’t have the grades I do without my laptop and the wonderful, world wide web. Coming into a prestigious and academically rigorous high school turned out to be an academic culture shock. The competition is fierce, and the content we were learning was for the most part, a continuation of what freshman had left off on during eighth grade. While I did not have the advantage of being at my high school during middle school, while at the same time not being financially able to afford a tutor, I turned to what I had: the internet.
I am a believer that what cannot be learned in the classroom, can be figured out later at home on the laptop. While teachers a a fantastic resource, and I attempt to go in for help as much as I can, you cannot connect with every single teacher. Some simply just don’t resonate with me, which makes it hard for me to learn in their classrooms. But I do not let that stop me. For example, my junior year geometry class. Respectfully, I couldn’t stand my teacher, she was monotone and ditzy and I truly learned the art of sleeping with my eyes open. It was painful to stay focused in that class, especially when I wasn’t allowed to doodle, the only thing that can keep me engaged. To put it shortly, I wasn’t very successful in attaining information in that class no matter how hard I tried. After a few not-so-good quizzes, I decided that I wasn’t going to leave my grade at the hands of my teacher. This is when I turned to my best friend, Nancy from “mathbff” on True to her name, she is my best friend along with my buddies at Khan Academy. And stuck to them like glue, I was able to be successful in my worst class of the year.
Not only have I been saved by technology in the area of math, but it has helped me in so many other areas. Whether it be research, watching videos to help me visually learn and better retain information, or through communication, technology has been my guide. Simple things like sharing my essay with a friend to help find grammar mistakes or question my paragraph organization, goes a long way. Homework or work in general should not be done individually. I refuse to. I take all my resources, my teachers, my books, my notes, my friends and the internet, to get the job done and to get it done right. Learning, for me, could not have been any easier when having technology by my side.

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How Technology has Helped Further My Academic Career

by Taylor Walker

Technology offers a vast and wide variety of content that can help students with their academic career. Over the years technology has grown tremendously in the sense that more and more people are using it everyday. When I’m stumped on a question in class or while doing my homework, technology is there to help me achieve the correct answer. It also can provide the steps I may need in order to figure out that answer. Technology has helped me become a better student because when I need help with a particular subject, it can show me everything I need to know. Technology has also made learning easier because with the use of certain websites, I can get practice outside of class doing fun things like playing helpful games or creating online study tools. With the help of technology I can better prepare for my tests, communicate with other classmates to compare answers and results, find educational videos explaining a certain topic and giving advice, and even speak to other teachers across the world that can provide me with explanations that can assist in bettering my academic career. The communication with others that technology provides is one of the most important things that has assisted in my academic success. I have been able to contact my classmates, teachers, and even others around the world who have been able to provide me with a solution to my problems in class. This part of technology has advanced not only my personal knowledge but my classmates as well. We are able to help each other with homework and assignments through our technological devices and it’s fast and easy, making our lives much easier. Many students may also understand that typing an essay before the invention of technology was a process, however, with updated computers, typing an essay is a breeze. I can type an essay in a shorter amount of time on a computer than it would take to handwrite all of my thoughts. Also, correcting mistakes I’ve made in my essays is incredibly easy and most computers offer tools to help with grammar and spelling errors. I am grateful for technology and all of the assistance it has provided me throughout my academic career. Technology is a blessing and it can be utilized to help build and further one’s education.

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Technology, My Savior

by Grecia Sambrano

Although sometimes distracting, I have to admit Facebook notifications sometimes might get in the way of me writing an english essay. I’ve been fortunate enough to grow in an age where technology is becoming more and more accessible. Everyday, I both consciously and unconsciously depend on technology to fulfill everyday tasks such as communicate with my teachers, type essays and find academic opportunities. I can genuinely say that without technology I wouldn’t be where I am today.
I’ve been blessed to have had the privilege to apply to college, something that would’ve been almost impossible for Latina without the help of technology. As a future first generation college student I’ve been posed with many obstacles because of the lack of guidance I can receive from my family. As a result, I’ve had to heavily depend on educating myself since the 8th grade. Without access to tutors due to my financial disadvantage, I’ve had to find resources online that can help me academically excel. Such resources have helped me achieve great test scores and turn around my grades in subjects that are academically challenging to me like pre-calculus and physics. I’ve used free online SAT practice tests instead of investing in expensive SAT study books too. Technology has made learning easier in a million ways, it’s easy, affordable at times and it’s super fast to look up something you want to know and instantaneously receive the answer. This has helped me in my Anatomy and Physiology class when I’ve had to memorize muscle and bone functions.
Again, I can’t get tired of saying how extremely grateful I am that online learning opportunities exist or else I wouldn’t have been able to apply to college. I’ve felt the pain of missing project and financial aid deadlines because of the absence of technology. Knowing this, I’m aware of the great knowledge a single click of a button can give you and I’m extremely grateful that it’s present in my life.

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Technology Helps Students Fulfill Their Academics

by Monica Diaz

Technology has helped me with my academic career greatly by being able to do most of my assignments online with my laptop. I am a communications major and that involves heavily writing and speech presentations. To do this writing I needed my laptop significantly to help me write everywhere I went either if it was at school or at my home. I write many essays and writing them requires research to be included in my essays. It would be very hard to go to a library and use those resources they have only available there. I could request other resources from other libraries but that would take up more time. As a college student, I could use the most time I can grasp. So, using a laptop grants me thousands of reliable peer-reviewed sources in a matter of seconds, which grants me more time. In addition, I do many speeches in my major and that requires me to look for research to be included in my presentations and by using the many options the internet has given me I can give a unique presentation with the thousands of resources available to me. Technology has also made it easier to turn in assignments to my professors by submitting everything online instead of printing the assignment and handing it to them. This also saves a bunch of paper, which helps reduces cutting down trees. In addition, this would help professors not having a ton of papers with them, and they are able to grade everything through technology. In addition, it helps students who are not able to make it to class but has a major assignment due that day, they can turn it in online! I have the technology to grant me so many resources and thoughts in a matter of seconds, which can broaden my point of view in many ways. Technology has made learning significantly easier by not learning everything in person. Whereas you miss a day of class, the PowerPoint is available online and you would not be at such a loss. Looking for research makes it much easier online by having thousands of resources. If you do not understand something, you can just search it up online and you would not have to be clueless. Technology has made learning easier by not being limited to one point of view, but multiple points of view around the world.

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The Role of Technology in Education

by Jorge Carlos Lopez

Technology has evolved a great deal in the last fifty years to the point where we can fit a computer in our pockets, we can communicate in real time with someone across the world and we can work more efficiently without spending too much time. Technology has always played a huge role in our lives, especially now when it is growing and becoming smarter but it also plays a huge role in our education and people take it for granted. I started to use technology a lot more when I started high school in 2014. At my high school every freshman is issued a Google Chromebook to keep until the end of their senior year and I have used mine a lot since my first day of high school. State governments have changed from giving the final exam on paper to giving it online hence the issuing of the Chromebooks. Taking notes has been easier for me to do them on the Chromebook than on paper and it has helped me a great deal with essays as well as research papers. We also have access to dozens of tutoring programs and college preparation resources that a lot of people do not use. The main thing that we have that I think a lot of people forget about is Google and other search engines. Many people did not have Google or even the internet when they were in school so I believe we have a useful gift. Also, since I am into graphic design and photography, our library has programs such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere Pro and so much more. This helps me a whole lot to continue to pursue my dreams so I definitely think that technology has made education easier in so many more ways than just one. I just wish more people didn’t take it for granted.

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Technology for the Win!

by Nicole Coco

I have recently returned to academia after more than twenty years as a wife and stay at home mom of six. I have always wanted to return to school to work towards my goal of becoming a clinical psychologist; however, it was not plausible until now. Between being a wife, running my own small business and homeschooling my children, finding time to attend classes on a campus was a daunting task and seemed unrealistic.
Then I discovered that in my time away from academia, technological advances have been made; colleges now offer the opportunity for online courses! I was beyond thrilled when I realized that my local community college had a vast selection of courses that I could complete online and receive full credit for. Realizing this opportunity existed has opened up the possibility of finally fulfilling my dream to earn my B.S. in psychology.
For the last two years, I have been taking a full course load of classes online. I have taken everything from biology courses that involved interactive modules, to English courses with online writing support, to honor courses in psychology that included multiple online skill components. Each building my knowledge base and earning credits toward my A.A. degree.
Now that I have earned my A.A., I have transferred to the University of Central Florida to earn my Bachelor’s of Science. Since I am not only a student, but also still homeschooling my three youngest children, I have opted to continue my education solely through their online educational program.
Once again, I find myself able to meet my goals of continuing my education, while also meeting my family and personal obligations. I couldn’t ask for more; my education has flexibility and still provides a thoroughly competitive learning environment, with cutting edge technologies in place to help me succeed.
I appreciate that I can speak with advisors and career support staff, utilize interactive learning tools, and build a rapport with my online peers – all from the comfort of my home, during the time frames that work for me. Without the technological advancements of such stellar online learning programs, I know I would be a lot further from realizing my goals. Thankfully, because of them, I am almost there!

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Tech help with school

by Isis Connor

Technology has helped me throughout my academic career because information was easy to access. I am able to look up a math problem on the internet and see how the problem should be worked out. For an upcoming science fair, I search up on the web the different types of science projects I ca do because I cannot creative enough to come up with one on my own. Almost anything is accessible through the internet. As my dad would say, “just Google it,” this generation that I am in, all do this. I can say that we have it easier than our parents because they had to go to a library and look in an encyclopedia for any information they might need for what assignment they had to do. Any student with a phone is able to look up information for anything. It is beneficial if you need extra help for homework, or you do not know how to word a certain phrase for an essay; all you have to do is Google the question that is best fitting for your situation.
I do agree that technology has made learning easier because any piece of information that you need an answer to is all online. That is also the down side to using the internet as a reference. Anyone can put information that is either right or wrong on the web, and there will be some people who will not be able to tell the difference between the truth and a lie. Wikipedia is an example for a website that is used by everyone; there are students that use this site as a reference, and this is would be the worst one to use. There are people who put false information up on the site just to trick people. I always remember my teachers telling me not to use Wikipedia as a source because it is unreliable.
Technology is not just limited to the internet; it also includes calculators that speeds up the rate of how quickly we can answer math problems. Smart boards are another type of technology that is used in an academic setting. It is used to show off lesson plans that teachers create for us, so that we can better retain the information that is being taught to us.

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Technology: My Personal Tutor

by Natalie Mortensen

My Physiology class was a beast. I have never struggled in a class like I did with Physiology. I spent hours studying for tests, went in to get extra help from my teacher, but still struggled with the exams. One thing that made all the difference and truly helped me understand the content was learning from YouTube videos. I often struggle focusing and learning by reading from a textbook. When I am able to find videos on the internet to really teach me the material, it’s like I’m getting my own personal tutor session. Almost any physiology topic taught in class was readily available on YouTube. I was no longer limited to one teacher. By viewing searching the course content on YouTube, I had multiple teachers each teaching uniquely with every video I watched. This made all the difference. If my teacher taught the material in class in a way that I didn’t quite understand, I was able to find another teacher or even another student who posted their own video with the same information but with different techniques allowing me to understand. I could also replay the video as many times as I needed to in order to ensure the knowledge to sink in. Even today, I still learn from YouTube as I have been continuing on in my education.

Another way technology has helped me is through virtual reality labs. There is only so much time that I can spend in a cadaver lab without feeling queasy, so being able to study through Apps and websites that allow me to see a cadaver as if it were right in front of me makes learning more accessible. Taking time to travel all the way back to the cadaver lab after work or early in the morning can take hours out of my day, so being able to study wherever I am using my phone or laptop makes all the difference.

Technology has truly changed my ability to learn new concepts and understand more fully material. The way technology is constantly improving will allow for future generations to learn things my generation never dreamed of. There is so much more access to learning and growth thanks to the wonders of technology.

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by Jenna Benson

Define convivial, I type with my left hand. My right hand holds The Great Gatsby, its pages spread open by my thumb and pinky. My reading was interrupted, but in practically no time I am presented with what I was searching for – con·viv·i·al (adj): friendly, lively, and enjoyable – and I am back to exploring F. Scott Fitzgerald’s work.

This is the most important thing technology has contributed to my success throughout my academic career. Convenience. Technology’s characteristic of convenience has ensured that I never have to scramble through a dictionary, flip through a phone book, or shuffle through an encyclopedia. These were challenges that once stood in the way of people, and especially in the way of individuals pursuing their education. They were challenges that took up time and distracted individuals from what they were truly seeking to achieve. The time and effort that may have been spent searching for words like convivial is time and effort that I have never had to waste.

Billions of people carry around a device that has access to billions of websites, which altogether hold trillions of words. It is a small, metal rectangle that has allowed me to have access to a world of information. Currently, education is quick and vast, but it is also anywhere. Using a smartphone, a tablet, or a laptop, I can continue my academic career virtually wherever I want, whenever I want. With just a few keywords and a button, I have the ability to narrow the massiveness of the Internet to a list of links. Without a doubt, this has made my education much easier to pursue, as the ease of completing a search and reading an article has allowed me to become familiar with topics I would never even come in contact with otherwise.

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The Value of Technology

by Kayla Sauceda

My academic success would not have been possible if technology wasn’t as advanced and easily accessible as it is today. I am a graduate of California Virtual Academy, a public school where classes take place 𝘰𝘯𝘭𝘪𝘯𝘦. These classes allowed me to take charge of my education and taught me responsibility/accountability. Because I was able to do school work on my own schedule, I was thus able to work, explore career choices, and experience life lessons as well.
Aside from the moral values online learning taught me, I was able to grow a lot academically as well. I excelled in all of my classes because I was not limited to the view of a singular teacher or one book, I had access to the internet. The internet made me capable of viewing things in a different way and gain new perspectives. While a brick and mortar school may limit the opinions and lessons you may learn, online learning has endless possibilities. Because of this, online learning allowed me to graduate with a 4.2 and made me confident for my future.
The modern technology we are blessed with today allows so many people to learn and discover anything about literally anything. We are allowed to explore our interests, broaden our horizons, dive deeper into school research, and so much more. I think that technology has helped so many people learn via easier processes. Whether they are learning math, science, career interests, or even learning something about themselves technology can be of great value. As long as technology can be used as a tool rather than a distraction, it can be an incredible benefit to learning.
As I mentioned before, I feel tremendously lucky to have attended California Virtual Academy. The years I spent there taught me so many tools about how to use the internet, independence, and of course all things academic. I truly feel very confident in all subjects, across the board, after attending an online school.

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Technology’s Impact on Learning

by Allen Joswick

Throughout my academic career technology has enabled me to be more efficient and organized while doing my work. This is most evident when it comes to writing. Programs such as Microsoft Word are wonderful resources that make it easier to complete writing assignments without having to worry as much about spelling or grammatical errors. Those files are also simpler and easier to store and organize than paper files are.
However that being said, technology is double edged sword. While it has made writing and completing assignments easier, it has allowed students to at times mindlessly write or complete assignments and thus they learn nothing from it which only makes it harder for them down the road. It has also made getting distracted much easier. Therefore technology has remained only relatively positive in the area of improving learning (at least in my personal opinion). There are things like Quizlet that do seem to help when it comes to learning things such as vocabulary. Otherwise most online systems have simply increased the hassle required to complete work that could have easily been done on paper.
Granted this does not reflect all of technology as that term has a very broad meaning and definition. Things like printers, projectors, even advances in spacecraft have allowed technology to improve learning overall and the way we understand it, but at other times technology has most defiantly not improved learning. But just because it have improved learning most certainly does not mean that it has made it any easier, if anything it has increased the amount of things that a student must keep track of at school. Thus in my most humble opinion technology has had only a relatively positive impact on learning, and has most definitively not made it any easier than it was before (please note that this verdict reflects the internet more than technology as a whole).

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The New Era: Technology

by Alondra Mendoza

Technology has had an interesting evolution throughout the eighteen years I’ve been alive. It went from old, dinosaur like computers to highly advanced, touch screen laptops. In my elementary school years I never used technology until I entered high school. I got my first laptop in high school and it was such a great help. Technology has helped me throughout my academic career by making essay writing easier and necessary information readily available and easy to access. For example, recently I had two research essays to do for finals week in college and when researching, the internet was a great source that helped me find articles, magazines, academic journals, etc. to use as backup for my topic. In all of the math courses I’ve taken, like statistics and financial accounting, using a calculator was necessary and a life savior. Without it, these courses would have been almost impossible to complete. Overall, technology has helped me in the simplest ways, from finding the definition of a word to learning new information on certain topics.
Personally, technology has made learning easier because it allows for easy access to new information. For example, when I need help learning a subject, I search up a video tutorial to teach me and help me understand the subject. However, many have been so reliant on technology they think they can find the answer to their problem just by a search button. I am guilty of this because I get lazy and want the shorter and easier way out. This just stops people from learning the correct and full way. Nonetheless, most of the time I prefer hard copies of textbooks or different types of readings because I get to annotate it, so I learn better from it. So, I am in the borderline whether technology makes learning easier. There is always going to be pros and cons when it comes to technology. I think technology should be used as a helpful tool, the right way, and never taken advantage of.

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Technology: The Way of the Future for Education

by Sarah Austin

Technology in my school has created collaborative and insightful environments that are no longer only between the teacher and a student, but between the entire classroom. For example, the notes in my Biology classroom are available to my class on OneNote, and my teacher draws diagrams and answers questions with her stylus on the presentations so that we can all see them. This has allowed for more efficient and comprehensive lessons, as well as an organized and easy way to study all of our material. Technology has also allowed for more creative methods to share presentations and projects with the class. PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Prezi are examples of interesting ways to prepare projects for any subject.
I believe that without technology, my experience in the classroom would be a much more difficult road. Although I would still be successful, studying and grasping concepts would take much longer. With technology, I am able to reach my teacher at any time through my platforms, such as Google Classroom, email, and class Twitter chats. Studying has been made easier because all materials are located in the same place. Students can even take notes together on the same documents, which allows for a variety of perspectives and points of view.
One form of technology that has been extremely helpful to me is Twitter. My AP Biology class holds review sessions over Twitter the night before each test. We are asked questions in which we can all answer, as well as we ask our own questions not only to our teacher about the material, but to other students.
Technology has made learning easier for me, and I am excited for new forms of technology that will be available in the future. In terms of education, the possibilities are endless. There will be new collaborative and creative methods for learning, such as intricate online labs and platforms for writing. Technology is the way of the future of education.

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Technology and it’s Positive Impact on School

by Saviana Metter

Technology has really shaped the way people do things in modern times, and that can be a good and bad thing. School is especially impacted by students having easy access to technology at their fingertips, and some aspects of education have been influenced by that. Easy access to devices for typing or researching can really make doing assignments regarding essays a lot easier. For example, I have a laptop that I recently got in the end of my junior year and it has made a lot of my assignments way more convenient. This device has allowed me to work on all my assignments in any room of my house, with access to an unlimited amount of resources. I can easily look up a word I don’t know how to spell, or a synonym for a word so that I do not use the same phrase over and over. I can even work with other people on group projects, from the comfort of my own home. That has recently made a group project of mine very smoothly, because the other members and I never had to meet face to face and take time out of our busy schedules, but we still were able to communicate and get our assignment done. It also made it easier to get things done because we were not tempted to distract each other by discussing other things not relevant to the project. Nothing is perfect, so this easy access to technology does have its downsides. For one thing, it has made it much easier for students to cheat and take the easy way out for important assignments. Since the access to information is so simple, it is very tempting for students to use their phones during a test very discretely or just copy another person’s work through pictures. Even though there are clear downsides to having access to all these devices with amazing capabilities, the positives outweigh those negatives. The convenience of this technology is too great to simply ignore. The way people can collaborate with others on difficult assignments or group projects without having to take lots of time out of their busy schedule is a clear positive impact. And the benefit of having multiple resources right in front of you as you work on anything makes the emergence of technology a wonderful tool to make school better and more enjoyable.

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