What is LTI Integration?

LTI stands for “learning tools interoperability”. This means that your Learning Management System (LMS) and learning tools can share information and work together in a functional way. For the end-users, this enables the use of a variety of different learning tools to improve the educational experience, like YuJa.

While LTI integration allows the learning tools to share essential user information with learning tools, it does more than just share email addresses and student names or class lists. LTI integration allows instructors to use learning tools with ease. They can simply select the integrated tool and begin to use it for their class. Students can access the learning tool, like YuJa, through the LMS.

How It Works

Now that you know a little bit about what LTI integration is, let’s look at how LTI integration works for the user. LTI integration begins in the IT department, where IT staff  will make YuJa an available tool in Blackboard. A YuJa solutions engineer provides your IT department with all the information needed to make YuJa live and accessible through your LMS. For more information on setting up YuJa in your Blackboard LMS, look here.

In Blackboard, your IT professionals will add YuJa as a basic LTI tool provider through Blackboard Building Blocks. If you’re using Blackboard SP10, YuJa can be added as an LTI placement. This makes it even easier for instructors to access YuJa and make YuJa’s suite of learning tools available to their students.

Fortunately, instructors and students don’t need to worry about installation and accessibility issues. Once YuJa is made available in the LMS, for the end users, the process of using YuJa is simple and seamless. If an LTI placement is available for YuJa, you’ll find it in the tools menu. As an instructor, simply choose add course link to make it easy for your students to find their way to YuJa. If an LTI placement is not available, you’ll find documentation from Blackboard to add a course link for YuJa.

Getting Started

Once YuJa is in place and available in the LMS, you can link it to an existing YuJa account or create a new account, then set up the course. The process is simple, and when students join YuJa or link their own accounts, they’ll automatically be added to the course. The LMS provides YuJa with the student’s name, course and email address to simplify the setup process.

LTI integration makes it easy for both instructors and students to access learning tools like YuJa. There’s no need for students to remember links; they can simply access YuJa through Blackboard as they do all other class information.