small-classroom-lectureLecture capture is an essential technological tool for instructors and students; however, a comprehensive capture system can be a substantial investment. YuJa’s smart lecture capture tools enable the integration of this key instructional technology at an affordable price. With lecture capture in high demand by students, YuJa offers affordable solutions to meet your lecture capture needs. YuJa recognizes the investment you have already made in technology to supplement learning in the classroom. That’s why our lecture capture tools are designed to work with what you have. YuJa is fully LTI compliant, allowing for easy integration into your LMS, and is designed to work with the hardware you already own. With YuJa, you can choose from two different options. Both fully integrate with existing classroom technology,  like your SmartBoard, reducing additional investments in lecture capture. You may already have the cameras and microphones you need.
  1. Appliance-based lecture capture uses a plug-and-play device to record, livestream, capture and upload your classroom lecture. The appliance is easy to install, and makes lecture capture simple for instructors. Appliance-based capture works especially well in your larger lecture halls and classrooms.
  2. Software-based lecture capture requires only a podium computer or the instructor’s own laptop computer. While the appliance equips a classroom for lecture capture, software-based solutions can work in any classroom, small or large.
Both of YuJa’s options for affordable classroom lecture capture include the following features:
  • Automated or on-demand recording.
  • Course livestreaming and upload to the YuJa cloud.
  • Auto-captioning and searchability.
  • Full mobile compatibility.
File storage in the YuJa cloud is included in your lecture capture package. Your files are available and accessible both through a livestream and as soon as they’re uploaded to the cloud. Once in the cloud, classroom files remain accessible and available–instructors can even use them for other classes at a later date! Cloud-based storage limits your storage expenses, as well as the staff needed to maintain both the files and hardware. YuJa’s lecture capture technology is only one part of a complete connected classroom experience. Lecture capture is supplemented by multimedia discussion forums, web capture, file sharing and video collaboration tools.