Video learning is playing an ever-increasing role in institutions across the country. With this transition, many instructors, departments and institutions are looking for ways to maximize student engagement with video content. One way to increase student attention and engagement is to integrate questions and other content directly into a shared video.

Many instructors have relied on Zaption to add engaging content to video learning for their students; however, Zaption will cease to be independently available in September 2016.

YuJa’s Video Quiz Technology

YuJa’s Video Quizzes offer a simple way to integrate questions, polls and comments into a video. The Video Quiz technology is available for both  imported or linked videos.  For instructors, Video Quizzes provide a number of distinct advantages.

  1. Graded Video Quizzes are an effective way to maximize student viewing of video content.
  2. Video Quizzes assess student understanding.
  3. Integrated Video Quizzes provide an accountability system for students.
  4. Video Quizzes keep students engaged while viewing video content.
  5. Questions and polls in Video Quizzes encourage active student participation.

How Do YuJa Video Quizzes Work?

YuJa Video Quizzes enable instructors to pause the video and insert additional content of different sorts. Using YuJa’s Video Quiz tool, you can:

  • Add comprehension questions with multiple answers to the video.
  • Add opinion questions or polls to the video.
  • Use questions to assess student interest in the video content.
  • Insert additional information to supplement the video.

The Benefits of YuJa’s Video Quiz Technology

YuJa’s cloud-based storage provides institutions and instructions with long-term storage, accessibility, and security. With a stable and ever-improving instructional platform, YuJa content will remain available to institutions and instructors, without worry about lost content. Created video content, including Video Quizzes, are accessible online, from any internet-enabled device. Instructors can manage their content from home, the office or the classroom. Content is secure, with careful authentication protocols to insure that only instructors and administrators have access to created content, including Video Quizzes.