Social Learning

Social Learning Promotes a More Engaging Learning Experience

With the Video Platform’s Social Learning tools, students become a vital part of the teaching process. Students collaborate with fellow students and instructors for richer, more flexible and streamlined learning.

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Complete Portfolio of Digital Media Tools

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Real-Time Conversation

Turn Media into a Real-Time Conversation

The Video Platform enables media engagement by offering a “Facebook”-like feed that is aligned to your provisioned courses. This enables users to turn any content into a real-time discussion.

Share Videos and Posts
Spark Discussions
Promote Media Engagement
Indiana State University
Indiana State University

Indiana State University

The YuJa Enterprise Video Platform’s CMS (Content Management System) gives educators at Indiana State University the tools they need to engage distance learners and on-campus students.

By taking a progressive approach to non-traditional methods of learning, Indiana State University’s Information Technology Department proudly supports the use of technology to further every student’s education, whether it occurs on campus or via online courses and programs. The YuJa Video Platform makes it easy for educators to engage distance learners and enabled a live technology conference that allowed guests to login and participate from anywhere.

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Social and Engaging

Choose the Right Learning Pedagogy for Your Course

Active Learning

Active Learning

YuJa provides video capture and integrated social tools that enable students to tailor their learning paths to reflect their strengths and interests.

Social Learning

Social Learning

YuJa’s social learning platform provides a suite of tools that facilitate idea sharing and group collaboration across a variety of modalities including text, documents, and video.

Flipped Learning

Flipped Learning

YuJa provides a comprehensive set of flipped classroom tools including video podcasting, video quizzes, and media channels.

Social Learning in Your LMS

Embed Social Learning in Your LMS

This engages students into the learning and deepens the social and learning connections that students are able to make with the course material.

Embed Social Learning in Your LMS

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Social Learning is Part of an Ecosystem of Interactive Learning Tools

Real-Time Discussions

Visual activity feed enables media-rich idea sharing and collaboration.

Video Podcasting

Instantly author a video presentation integrated with your documents & slides.

Video Conferencing

Scalable video conferencing to promote an active learning environment.

Video Quizzes & Polls

Ask your learning group for 360° feedback and set up video quizzes and polls.

Course Media Channel

Drag-and-drop videos to create a private media channel for your group.

Media Sharing

Quickly share media both privately and with group members.

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