Video Analytics

Our Video Analytics suite provides insights to gain a deep understanding of how media is making an impact within your organization. Leaders can pinpoint areas of concern, track participation and user adoption using near real-time reporting tools.

Video Analytics

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Video Analytics Trusted by Leading Organizations

Automatic Captioning Solutions Trusted By Leading Organizations
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Video Analytics Provides Deep Insights into Video Impact

Integrated tools that automatically identify actionable video insights.

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Multi-Level Analytics

Visual Analytics and Audit Logging encompasses all aspects of the Video Platform’s function. Visual Analytics has been designed to provide the following analytics capabilities:

Prioritize Key Insights

The Dashboard enables users to view the metrics that are most relevant to them including storage usage, bandwidth trends, aggregate user usage, and more.

Enable Easy-to-use Data Filtering

The reporting capabilities can quickly filter based on specific courses, videos, and users.

Present Meaningful Visual Insights

Our unique insights generation capability highlights areas of confusion (“hotspots”), drop-off points, engagement, popular content, and more.

Enable on-demand and Automated Data Exportation

Administrators can quickly perform data exports, including setting up automated report generation and publishing.

Dallas County Community College District
Dallas County Community College District

Dallas County Community College District

The Dallas County Community College District (DCCCD) is a network of seven community colleges in Dallas County, Texas. Procurement of the YuJa Enterprise Video Platform with system-wide capabilities, including video management, lecture capture, live streaming, flipped classroom tools, video assignments, mobile video, and student and faculty recording.

Use Video Analytics To Create a Goal-Oriented Video Strategy

Goal-Oriented Video Strategy

  • Track the success and efficacy of your video content.
  • Recognize key points or concerns from users.
  • Assess user retention and outcomes data.
  • Measure use of videos and level of interactivity.

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Visual Analytics Enable Comprehensive Data Visualization and Reporting

Enable Comprehensive Data Visualization and Reporting

The YuJa Enterprise Video Platform’s Visual Analytics suite collects a wide variety of data and provides reports that cover system statistics, usage, and instructional insights.

System Statistics
Instructional Insights
Dynamic Report Generation Across Dozens of Views and Data Slices

Dynamic Report Generation Across Dozens of Views and Data Slices

Administrators are provided configurable reports related to user access, dates and times of uploads, data modification history, application configuration logs, usage logging, and analytics.

Time of Uploads
Usage Logging
Data Modification History
Track Individual Student Progress

Track Individual Student Progress

Instructors and Administrators can track student progress at both the course and institution level. By being able to visually identify sub-groups, instructors can highlight at-risk students.

Videos Watched
Total Play Length
Quizzes Taken
Comments Posted

Optimize and Adapt Classroom Instruction With Specialized Dashboards

YuJa’s video analytics are provided in a variety of dashboards, making it easy to track how YuJa is working for all stakeholders

Everyday Check-in

The overview dashboard provides key statistics and analytics in an easy-to-see and use panel.

Tracking Usage

The content dashboard tracks total stored captures, logins, and bandwidth.

Instructor’s Dashboard

The course-level dashboard provides instructor insights within specific courses.

Capture-specific Dashboards

Capture dashboards allow instructors to discover the areas that students haven’t understood well.

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