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Back in December of 2019, Director of STEAM, Adam Elwer, needed a solution that enable instructors to record classes on-the-fly and publish accessible content for later viewing. As students would often miss classes due to extracurricular activities, attending college campus tours, or illnesses, Elwer and his staff sought a robust lecture capture platform that enabled asynchronous learning.

About Linfield Christian School
Linfield Christian School

Linfield Christian School is an independent college preparatory school located on a 100-acre campus in Temecula, California. Linfield Christian School aims to relentlessly pursue the standard of excellence in Christ-centered, college preparatory education. The school is governed by a Board of Trustees, accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and holds membership in the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) and California Interscholastic Federation (CIF).


Following extensive software trials, the awarded contract was signed shortly before the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The YuJa Enterprise Video Platform was deployed school-wide and provides the campus with access to lecture capture, video management, and search-inside-video capabilities. Amidst the pandemic, deployment of the solution enabled Linfield Christian School to smoothly transition into a remote learning environment.

As the coronavirus was officially declared a pandemic in early March of 2020, the school shut down its campus on March 13th for faculty to prepare teaching remotely. With the Video Platform already deployed, Linfield Christian School was able to resume classes in the same week of the shutdown as scheduled.

“YuJa’s Customer Success team remains consistently personable and responsive during these unexpected times. I have nothing but positive remarks.”

Like with many institutions, the sudden transition to a remote learning environment brought significant change and uncertainty. The proposed solution provided instructors with an all-in-one solution to record and edit content from any location without the need for third-party applications. In fact, Elwer and his students were able to conduct an assignment in his now-online engineering course for students to present virtual tours of custom-made Minecraft designs and structures utilizing YuJa’s multi-screen recording capabilities. This enabled many students to smoothly continue working on any projects or presentations after transitioning to a remote learning environment.

“YuJa’s technical support during our transition to a remote learning environment amidst the pandemic was super helpful and extremely convenient.”

On top of YuJa’s lecture capture capabilities, the finer product capabilities offered by the Video Platform also impressed Elwer’s staff. Auto-captioning and search-inside-video capabilities enabled instructors to not only create accessible content but store searchable content without having to learn complex search queries or commands. Elwer and his team had originally planned to deploy the proposed solution to only five instructors. Instead, the solution was rolled out to every instructor due to the importance of the tool. As the faculty at Linfield Christian School continue to utilize the Video Platform amidst the pandemic, Elwer is enthusiastic about rolling out additional features in the future.

“In just one day of training, YuJa’s Customer Success Team worked with us to have the solution running efficiently for all of our instructors. This really speaks to the ease-of-use with the Video Platform.”



Deployment of the YuJa Enterprise Video Platform allowed Linfield Christian School to effectively resume classes in the same week of the school shutdown.


YuJa’s all-in-one solution enabled staff to record and edit content from any location without the need for third-party applications.


Instructors can create accessible content and store searchable content with auto-captioning and search-inside-video capabilities.

“YuJa’s Enterprise Lecture Capture Platform really meets our need for a robust lecture capture solution.”

Adam Elwer, Director of STEAM at Linfield Christian School

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