Classroom Capture.

Our lecture capture platform provides “DVR for the Classroom” capabilities so each student can learn at their own pace. Now students can focus on participating in class and then review instructional content after-class until it clicks for them.

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Industry’s most comprehensive
classroom capture platform.

Providing students with the right instructional tools.


Providing instructional technology to support instructors across all course models


Traditional Classroom

Classroom capture facilitates traditional learning. Students can review, study, and engage with classroom lectures after class, increasing their comprehension of lecture material, improving student understanding and reducing repeated questions.


Blended Learning

Blended learning incorporates both in-class time and online course activities. For the blended learning environment, classroom captures offer the option to flip a portion or even all class lectures, to provide additional enrichment materials, or to support study and review.


Online Classes

Though online classes may not take place in a physical classroom, classroom capture can still support online classes. Instructors can use classroom capture to create live streaming and recorded lectures. The captures are uploaded to the class’ course media channel.

Providing students with easy-to-use video engagement and learning solutions.

Watch and review searchable, auto-captioned lectures over-and-over again until it “clicks”.


Improve student collabration by focusing on the lecture during class and improving notes afterwards.


Fit learning and study time into student’s own schedules, balancing work, personal and family obligations.


Lecture capture adapts to any instructional style

Classroom capture works with each individual instructor’s teaching style. It can provide valuable tools for review for traditional lecturers or offer new opportunities for innovative instructors.

Students want classroom capture!

When surveyed, students report that they see lecture capture as a valuable learning and study tool. Lecture capture has been shown to improve educational outcomes and student satisfaction.

Built-in automatic voice-to-text helps learners succeed

Auto-captioning supports deaf and hard-of-hearing learners. Students can focus on the interpreter during class and take notes using the lecture captures after class.


International students and English-as-a-second-language find that lecture capture facilitates learning. The ability to rewind captures and see the text improves student comprehension.


Visual learners may learn best when they read, rather than hear lectures. Classroom capture with auto-captioning makes this possible.


Simplify the life of technologists with tools that works smarter.

Fully LTI-compliant for seamless LMS integration and no additional user accounts to manage.

Easily integrated into existing classroom technology and peripherals.

Available as a freestanding appliance or installable software application.

Platforms can be remotely started, monitored and maintained across the entire campus.

Establishing the Partner Model for Institution Engagement

We view each institution as a long-term partnership. YuJa’s support staff provides the guidance you need to integrate, install and maintain your solution.

To learn more about our Enterprise Video Platform’s Classroom Capture, call us at 1-888-257-2278 or email an account manager

Program administrators keep up-to-date with visual analytics, dashboards and reporting tools.


Comprehensive Reporting

Near real-time reporting allow you to track student usage of lecture capture technology, as well as, use of the the full Enterprise Video Platform.



Analytics dashboards give insights into student retention, early-intervention needs, and improvements in graduation rates.


Improved Flexibility

Content remains available for re-use across semesters, increasing the overall economic value of classroom instruction.



Students expect value for their educational dollar and classroom capture improves both student outcomes and reported satisfaction.

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