Classroom Replay.

Create your institution’s own private online course library with our cloud-based video conferencing recording capabilities. Record live classroom sessions including lectures, office hours and tutorial sessions.

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Multi-platform streaming video library
for learning and training


Create course media channels with
our enterprise video library platform


Powerful and scalable content organization

Keeping your institution’s content library organized is simple with YuJa’s cloud video library. Users can create, upload, and search through the entire library including media imported through our ingest capabilities.


Robust video search and discovery tools

Organize content by course with search and tagging capabilities. YuJa’s auto-captioning feature also enable users to text-search through videos to find specific areas for further review.


Built-in analytics and engagement reporting

Our comprehensive analytics platform allows both institution decision-makers and instructors alike to review user engagement statistics, as well as, usage trends within the organization.

To learn more about our Enterprise Video Platform’s Classroom Replay tools, call us at 1-888-257-2278

A video library integrated with your existing learning systems

Create a private institution-managed media library

Provide education and training resources securely and conveniently to your organization with a centralized and integrated cloud-based video library.

Power video in your LMS or on mobile devices

Students and faculty can access their learning library from virtually anywhere on any device with our LMS-integration, intranet widgets, as well as, web and mobile apps.

Integrated with lecture capture and live streaming.

The YuJa video library is integrated with our full suite of content creation tools – including web, software and appliance capture – for simplified user workflows and deployment.