Corporate Media Channel.

Our internal media library provides tools to create, organize, and track your corporate training media across your enterprise.

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How employees can watch enterprise video content

With an easy-to-use interface, you can reach every employee with engaging video inside a secure platform. Measurement and compliance is a snap with built-in analytics tools.

Employees and contractors can watch videos from their computer, smartphones or tablets with ease. All enterprise videos are encoded for mobile compatibility.

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Create and share employee training videos

Reduces onboarding or training time for new hires.


Provides continuing education to staff and contractors.


Creates a corporate identity, supporting effective team-building.


Cloud-power capture and media distribution platform designed for training and education.

Flexible Content Creation and Distribution Tools

Record corporate videos using the YuJa Hub, the YuJa Software Solution or YuJa Web Capture. All recording platforms automatically upload to your Enterprise Video Channel within the secure YuJa Cloud.


Secure Cloud Storage for Flexible Use and Distribution

The YuJa Cloud offers enhanced storage and security with the ability to export content to your internal corporate IT systems. Institutions also have the ability to store content for re-use and re-distribution.


To learn more about our Enterprise Video Platform’s Corporate Media Channel tools, call us at 1-888-257-2278

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Powerful Search Capabilities

Search your enterprise video library in seconds.


Search Spoken and Printed Words with IntuitiveSearch.

Our IntuitiveSearch technology leverages auto-captioning and optical character recognition for easy Search in Video capabilities. With one-click fast-forwarding, employees can move through any instance of a keyword, much as they would with the “find” feature on a word processing program.


Find Moments of Clarity and Confusion with Analytics

The YuJa Analytics suite lets you track employee or customer viewing of video content. See which videos are getting the most views, whether employees are watching videos as directed, and determine which videos are resulting in the highest return on your efforts and investments.

Ways to use YuJa for employee training

sales presentation

Sales Workforce Training Programs

Enterprise video offers you the opportunity to create a smart, consistent sales presence for staff. This enables you to deliver training presentations, product demonstrations and marketing reports.

legal training

Legal and Paralegal Training

Preserve and share the knowledge of your most skilled attorneys. This improves onboarding for new hires and offers new opportunities to share information with your firm’s lawyers and paralegals.

medical training

Medical and Nursing Staff Training

Enterprise video provides you with the ability to share information without jargon with colleagues, nursing staff, or patients. Video enables you to show, rather than tell, speeding up the learning process.

tech training

Technology and How-To Training

Competition for the best employees is intense in the tech industry. Bringing the knowledge, ideas, and experience of your top people into the offices of every hire with enterprise video.

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