Conference Capture.

YuJa is a comprehensive video platform for idea sharing, knowledge transfer and group communication within your organization.

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Using Conference Capture

Use conference capture to speed the process of onboarding new employees.

Live stream conferences to remote sites to allow everyone to participate.

Share knowledge, experience, and institutional knowledge with current and future employees.

Preserve conferences for future use and review by staff who couldn’t attend in-person.

Maximize your investment in guest speakers by capturing and saving video content.

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Streamline and simplify corporate media communication.

Streamline Information Sharing

Streamline information sharing between departments, divisions, branches or regions.


Reduce travel costs and make conferences more accessible to employees at all levels of the organization.

and Evaluate

Use integrated quizzes to assess and evaluate employee understanding and meet compliance requirements.


Create organized, searchable media channels for easy access to training recordings within a secure library.


Mobile recording for capture from anywhere


Uses for the Medical Profession

Medical professionals can take advantage of conference capture to demonstrate new equipment and techniques, both to students and to other health care providers.


Uses for Manufacturers

Manufacturers can use conference capture technology to record product demonstrations, provide insights from engineers, or share training on new products or techniques throughout the company.


Uses for Businesses

Provide ongoing training in new software and hardware to employees. Reduce the time invested in deploying training programs by providing instruction over video, rather than in-person.

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