Desktop Live Streaming.

Start desktop live streams right from your computer that viewers can watch instantly. Perfect for distance-ed, blended, and hybrid programs within both single and multi-campus institutions.

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Launch Desktop Live Streams In Seconds

Live stream and capture simultaneously with our desktop live streaming tools.

Your webcast streams live, allowing your students or colleagues the ability to watch the classroom activity in real-time.


Once the live stream is finished, it can be made automatically accessible as an on-demand captured session.


Launch engaging live streams for distance education and training.

Engage with your viewers. Open up your live stream to real-time user-submitted questions.

Use multiple cameras to show different views of an event or demonstration.

Bring the real-time experience to students and staff in remote locations.

To learn more about our Enterprise Video Platform’s Desktop Live Streaming tools, call us at 1-888-257-2278 or email an account manager

A SaaS platform built for flexibility and performance.

Multi-Stream Live Streams

Supports multiple simultaneous media streams to create engaging live presentations.

Auto-Captioned Media

Recordings are auto-captioned and fully searchable as soon as they’re saved.

HD and SD Recordings

High-quality 720p and 1080P recordings, with adaptive live streaming.

Smooth Streaming

Adaptive bitrate provides an optimal viewing experience, with minimal buffering.

Automatic Recording

Recordings can be automated with room scheduling or instantiated on-demand.