Design Philosophy of YuJa

Design Philosophy of YuJa


YuJa means to join or weld together in Sanskrit. The word encapsulates a spirit of connection and unity that is core to our vision.

To realize this vision, YuJa provides a suite of tools that enable educational institutes to easily tell stories, share ideas, and learn together.

The YuJa Enterprise Video suite includes tools to bring learning groups together in both synchronous and asynchronous delivery models.


YuJa’s video-led platform offers a unique approach to institutions seeking to adopt new learning models into their course offerings.

Each element of the platform ties together video and multimedia elements to engage students in self-discovery and dynamic classroom discussion.


YuJa incorporates three recent innovations in educational design and delivery models to provide students with an enhanced learning experience in traditional, blended and online classrooms: enterprise video, social learning and flipped learning.

Enterprise Video

Traditional learning models focus on the instructor doing most of the talking and have students passively absorb material. In contrast, enterprise video involves engaging in the material through actions, including reading, writing, talking, listening and reflecting.

YuJa’s video capture, podcasting and video quizzes enable students to tailor their learning path through the material to reflect their own strengths and interests. By providing tools for students to interact with the material on their own and with each other, the instructor takes on the role of a facilitator guiding students through the course material.

Social Learning

The social learning model recognizes that learning is increasingly participative, collaborative and ultimately social. To support this more informal learning style, a learning platform needs to enable students to communicate with each other and the instructor. This informal learning is at the heart of social learning.

YuJa’s social learning platform provides a suite of tools that facilitate students and teachers sharing ideas across a variety of modalities including text, documents, and video. By decentralizing the idea sharing and creating a more collaborative environment, student-to-student learning is improved.

Flipped Learning

The flipped classroom inverts the traditional classroom elements of lecture and homework. That means that instead of having students attend a traditional lecture, lectures are watched as homework (before class) and actual class time is dedicated to hands-on learning.

YuJa’s lecture capture and video podcasting provides a simplified workflow for recording actual lectures and video podcasting. Institutions can automate capture using either a software capture solution or appliance solution. This frees the instructor from the complexities of creating the flipped classroom recordings.

Prof. Ajit Singh


Prof. Ajit Singh


Dr. Singh is a technology veteran having built, launched, and sold venture-backed technology companies. As a University of Waterloo Engineering professor, he was passionate about finding and designing useful applications of parallel and distributed-systems.

As an educator for the last 15 years, Dr. Singh believes that both faculty and students need instructional technology designed for higher-education collaboration in mind. Dr. Singh has founded and sold technology companies, most recently with SlipStream Data which was acquired by Blackberry (NASDAQ: BBRY) in 2006.

Ajit holds a Bachelor of Science from Bihar Institute of Technology, Masters from Nehru University, New Delhi and a Masters and PhD from the University of Alberta.

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