Enterprise YouTube

Enterprise YouTube

Create your organization’s own Enterprise YouTube with a powerful, industry-leading video platform

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Empower Your Workforce

Engaging & Secure, On-Demand Video

The YuJa Enterprise Video Platform offers an EnterpriseTube platform that delivers a wide array of interactive media for organizations, enterprises or educational institutions. Empower and excite employees or students by providing secure access to live events or on-demand content from anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Engaging & Secure, On-Demand Video

Branded EnterpriseTube

Showcase Video with a Branded EnterpriseTube

Create customized and branded EnterpriseTube media portals for both public-facing and internal audiences.

EnterpriseTube Enables Customized Media Portals
Brandable HTML5 Player
Platform Options & Customizations
Image logos & Mastheads
Hundreds of Customizations

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Video Hosting

Video CMS and Streaming

Deliver high-quality video content, all from within the YuJa cloud. We provide high-availability with 99.99% uptime from one of our global data centers. No matter the size of your organization or media library, we scale with you.


Video Distribution

Distribute and Share Video Content

Share the right content with the right audience with one click through YuJa’s secure media channels. Our drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to share multiple media formats from your customizable media library.

Deploying a Scalable Enterprise Video Platform to Meet Current and Future Instructional Needs
Deploying a Scalable Enterprise Video Platform to Meet Current and Future Instructional Needs

Deploying a Scalable Enterprise Video Platform to Meet Current and Future Instructional Needs

While the main goal, at least initially, was for the platform to serve as a repository for videos, screen capture and lecture capture, captioning and accessibility were equally important considerations at the college went through its decision-making process.

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Video Analytics

Measure the Impact of Content

Visual analytics of shared media make it easy to identify content that’s popular with audiences. View user adoption of your internal media by analyzing the number of interactions, video views or monthly logins.


Security and Compliance

Secure Infrastructure and Third-Party Security Auditors

The YuJa EnterpriseTube Platform is a SOC 2 attested product that is audited annually. Further, the Video Platform can be accessed as a standalone platform, embedded into an LMS, or integrated into a company’s single sign-on (SSO)system. The entire platform runs on HTTPS and is hosted and backed up in AWS data centers.

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