Flipped Classroom.

Forward-thinking universities and faculty are incorporating the flipped-classroom model and discovering the benefits including increased student engagement, improved retention, and lively participatory learning.

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Improve Learning Outcomes

Easily record lectures and micro-lectures

What students think of the Flipped Classroom


Less Stressful

Students find flipped classrooms less stressful with self-paced review of concepts.


Improved Mastery

Flipped classrooms improve student perceptions of mastery over the material presented in the class.


Builds Success

In a study in New South Wales, some 63 percent of students considered lecture capture “essential” to learning.

Unlock the power of Enterprise Video

Create a unified course or training replay with seamless room capture

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Hardware Capture

Hardware-based capture is fully integrated into the classroom, making lecture capture simple for instructors.

More about our appliance capture platform.

Software Capture

Software-based capture works from an computer or laptop, offering a versatile option for instructors in a flipped classroom.

More about our software capture platform.
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Web Capture Studio

Web capture studio uses a web-based interface available through any computer for on-the-go recording.

More about our web-based capture studio.

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Flipping the classroom lets you maximize class time.



Engage students with collaborative small group activities.



Provide one-on-one help and tutoring on previously assigned video material.



Integrate hands-on learning activities and collaboration into weekly lectures.

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