Group Text Messaging

YuJa’s group text messaging provides scalable SMS services to institutions. Use group messaging to communicate key messages to your entire student population or specific course participants.

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Send group SMS messages
and emails quickly and securely


Instantly send students important course announcements right to their phones


Send course reminders to the device students always look at

Instantly message your entire course group with an important message via text message, email and discussion group post. Phone numbers are always kept private to ensure the safety of all class members.


Students can opt-in to receive course alerts.

Students can select how and when to receive text message alerts right from their personal accounts or LMS account (via LTI integration). Best of all, we never charge students additional fees to receive text alerts.

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Integrated with the full Enterprise Video Suite.

In addition to instructor messages, students can also receive SMS and email alerts of new course activity and the availability of new lecture captures, live live streams and quizzes.

Stay in touch with students